Her And Haley
Lydia Lyrics

Follow me down to fake streets so far. We were way too young but now they're stars.
'Cause someone's talking of blood.
Standing so cold in photography, their faces knew,
And clearly showed every word that nothing comes true.

I'm here stuck in this town no more.
I hoped you would say scratch the paper and pass a moment making us both around your shoulders.
Let's go for the walls, never mind who was there,
Just think the night is guilty and my view of the past.
So now it's obvious I've learned, let's see you bet.
Her favorite place to sit, to forget.
'Cause no one watched or would care.
They smile just to be safe, making sure nobody saw two dancing girls with their grins painted on.

Well new years night to yourself oh now it's seventy three, but you didn't see it did you?
Minutes call for longer, fingerprints show loss of blood,
But being perfect was always hard, wasn't it?
The motivation is hard to find, the screams were heard but never cried,

So tell me how do you go through, tell me what brings you to this place.
They will not be afraid, only two know how sad this gets.
The stage is set for them both, and on the bathroom floor,
Glass ready, there's no turning back now.
'Cause I bet you wished.


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Comments from YouTube:

Victoria Barnes

Songs like this are what keeps me feeling bad... in a good way. I have secrets and pain. But these songs by Lydia just... they are so beautiful I sometimes cry.

Lude Zooted

I haven’t heard this album in years and I still get goosebumps. Wish this album wasn’t so hard to come by.


god damn i love this song every time i listen to it. this must be the 5,000th time. literally. if anything i'm being modest.

Voudicca Vulcana Vinca

This song permeates every cell in my body, mind & soul

Voudicca Vulcana Vinca

I adore this music 🔥


Who is Hailey? That name has appeared on both albums now. Leighton- Hailey is a girl that has plagued and supported me through some very hard times in my life

BruisedCantelope773 13

Haley, who serves as an allusion in "This is Twice Now" is allegedly Leighton's old girlfriend who helped him give up drugs(pills I think). They had a falling out at some point I think. He still references here just because of her impact on his life

Bob Phillips

@Jonathan Mitchell I've been listening to this band since this album was released way back when and I always wondered who Haley was. Kinda curious when this happened. I saw them in concert once for 9 seconds before Leighton collapsed on stage and they said it was "ulcers" but the rumors were other substances were in play.

Voudicca Vulcana Vinca


Jonathan Mitchell

I believe that he saw what drugs did to her and it pushed him to quit. He left her and never went back. She saved him, indirectly. Thus the line "no one knows but she saved me" in the song hospital.

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