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Distant writer
I can read my destiny through you
Everybody, "He's my writer"
He makes my world flow

Distance driver
Can you see it all? Can you breathe it all?
Everybody, "He's my writer"
Turns me on

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to M83's song "Deceiver" can be interpreted as an exploration of the power of art and the role of the artist in shaping our perception of the world. The first two lines, "Distant writer, I can read my destiny through you," suggest that the writer possesses a certain insight or foresight that allows the listener to see their own path or future through their words. The idea of the writer being "distant" implies that they may have a detached perspective, perhaps observing and interpreting from a distance rather than being directly involved.

The repetition of the phrase "Everybody, 'He's my writer'" emphasizes the widespread influence and admiration for this writer. It suggests that their words have touched the lives of many, becoming a source of inspiration or guidance. The line "He makes my world flow" suggests that the artist's work has the power to bring coherence, meaning, and order to the listener's existence. By creating art, the writer is able to shape and mold reality, allowing others to experience a more harmonious or connected perception of the world.

The second paragraph introduces the idea of a "distance driver," someone who can see and experience everything. This implies that not only does the writer have a deep understanding of their own world, but also possesses a broader perspective that encompasses various perspectives and experiences. The question posed, "Can you see it all? Can you breathe it all?" suggests a desire for all-encompassing awareness and understanding. This can be seen as a reflection of the artist's role, which often involves capturing the essence of reality and human experience in their work.

The phrase "Turns me on" in the last line of the second paragraph is metaphorical and open to interpretation. It can be understood as the artist's ability to captivate and evoke emotions through their work. The artistic expression becomes a source of energy and excitement, arousing a deep fascination within the listener. It may also suggest that the artist's ability to drive and inspire others is a source of personal satisfaction or fulfillment for themselves.

Overall, these lyrics convey the idea that the writer/artist has a transformative power to shape the way we perceive and navigate the world. Through their words and creations, they offer insight, guidance, and emotional stimulation. The admiration and recognition of "Everybody, 'He's my writer'" highlights the impact that the artist has on others, as they turn their experiences and observations into art that resonates with and touches the lives of many.

Line by Line Meaning

Distant writer
An individual who is far away but has the ability to express themselves through writing

I can read my destiny through you
By interpreting the writer's words, I can envision the path my life is destined to take

Everybody, 'He's my writer'
The writer is highly regarded and respected by everyone, as they have the power to captivate through their writing

He makes my world flow
The writer's words have the ability to bring harmony and coherence to my life

Distance driver
An individual who is physically distanced but possesses the capability to steer or guide situations

Can you see it all? Can you breathe it all?
Do you have the vision and understanding to comprehend and immerse yourself in everything around you?

Everybody, 'He's my writer'
Similar to how a skilled driver is praised, the individual's role as a writer is highly appreciated by all

Turns me on
The writer's words evoke strong emotions and excitement within me

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Distant writer
I can read my destiny through you
Everybody, "He's my writer"
He makes my world flow

Distance driver
Can you see it all?
Can you breathe it all?
Everybody, "He's my writer"
He turns me on

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I'll forever hold M83 in my heart. First heard Midnight City in middle school. Fell in love with Hurry Up We're Dreaming my senior year, as I was leaving home and the people I loved behind. Listened to Junk religiously as I was starting to fail college. And now I'm listening to Fantasy for the first time, as I sit in LA working for my dream company despite my degree. I'll love this music 'til the day I die.


couldn't agree more with your last sentence


Perhaps they are slightly opening the door to heaven with their cosmic vibration


Life is an amazing journey. And you always need music to make journeys.


Я Рад за тебя


This reflects this aong well. Let me explain. Theres something behind everything, in the song, it describes the writer of this song (presumably most others) and how big of an impact it was. And for this fellow, the band is helping them succeed in their life. The backbone of this person's life depends on other significant things in order to succeed.

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One of my favourites from the album.


It's definitely underrated and will stay that way, because it's a bit of a slow burn. But a good one.


M83 Never fails



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