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Feel So Good
by Mike Bloomfield

Half man
Half machine
Half abstract with attractive sheen a massive dream a man with a fam to feed a tat that reads a master in japanese
That is me so you relocate and see no way to face my bushido blade finito they just stray from my evil ways you people lay before me at fetal stage
Vegito facing these niggas
Hit em' with a beam sword slash
Then I get a nigga to recieve more wrath
Better get rediculously beast your craft
Better get meticulously G or past
Great castrate rap with a bat fake
Nigga I'm the first home and you just in last place
Mandate that you for fit, nigga my raps great and euphoric
Nigga you wack fake and too boring with it I can't wait you quarantined
What these niggas say to me
Basically amazing see the way I'm bout to burn this shit is classified in 8th degree

Wake Up
The rain is pouring
Cause were taking it by storm and no remorsing
And it feels so good, it feels so good to be here So good

Man i swear it's undescribable
Like i took my life and made it mine and killed off all of the bullshit with my new rifle yo
Triumph foes with undying flow its a high to me i don't like the low so i fly and go to the sky and hope they dont shoot me down and dont try it so
Just be quiet yo
And let me hold my peice cause all that hate that people spew all day just stress me so i keep them directly where they tempt me so my best feats when i speak make them all just shut the fuck up and respect me for my speech
Man I been fucked over and over
Hated on and put down been betrayed and played by the same people that say they we dogs but look foul
Chickens bitches all just look out
But you can't see I'm no longer that kid that you thought you once knew so i feel so good and i go on

All that really matters
Is if I have my music
Cause everything will follow suit so smoothly and so fluid
It's proven that you'll kneel so look
It feels so good

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