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You Will Be Shot
Naked City Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Naked City:

Blood Duster We are at the summit of the highest mountain We are…
Bonehead Rooaaaaaarr yieeeahh aaaaahhh yoohhh heeeaay Roooooarrrr…

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Comments from YouTube:


I just love the fact that there are musicians like this in the world. And I also love this music.

Pedro Vieira

soundtrack for 2020, and we still have half year to go


It's over

Bill Schuch

This record blew my mind when I heard it upon release. Still slays today, now and forever. Especially this track. Hold on to your butts!


This song always cracks me up for some reason.


Pretty revolutionary stuff, especially for the early 90s. I can tell Mr. bungle and especially Igorrr drew a lot of inspiration from this


@Benbong yep


@SteelingCable oh, he did? I knew he played sax on some tracks, but not that he produced it...


I'm assuming that u know that John Zorn produced the first Mr Büñglè album?

Ricardo Perez

this band cracks me up. but i love them

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