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No survivors
by Nick Helm

We were soaring up through the clouds above
We were flying high on our wings of love
We were strapped in tight buying duty-free
'til you said the words that you said to me
You said you got no love left in your heart
Then the turbulence tore our plane apart
Our engines stalled as we tucked and braced
And we smashed back down to Earth

No survivors There were engine parts scattered left and right
There were searchlights searching through the night
As they dragged our bodies from the twisted wreck
And the doctors beat on our lifeless chests
No vital signs no BPM our relationship flat-lined right then
There was nothing left to do but pray
Like the last time you walked out


There's a dolls head burnt by the fuselage
There's a black box laying where you broke my heart
All the landing gears resting by the wings
And across the wreck is scattered all our things
Your face was like a plane crash
I couldn't tear myself away
Girl your mouth and eyes were burning hot
And your hair was red like flames
There's an impact crater sitting in my heart
From the time we crashed and blew our love apart
The fire that we shared burnt hot and fast
I thought they'd never put us out

No survivors No survivors no no no no no survivors
No survivors no no no no no survivors
No survivors

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