Otis Redding Lyrics

You listen while I'm talkin' to you, now
Tell you what I'm gonna do now
There's a new thing going around now
And I'll tell what to put down

Move your body all around, and just shake
Ha, that's the way you do it
Oh, g'on, g'on, baby, now
Shake, shake, shake it baby
Ha, you shake it like a bowl of soup
You let it go a-loop-de-loop, yeah
Put your hands around your hips, yeah
Come on and let your backbone slip
Move your body like your hip and just shake

Got-to, got-to, got-to have it now
Keep on pushing babe
Shake, got to, yeah, ah, ooh

A ring-a-ling-a-ling
Honey, shakin' is the greatest thing
Ha, but if you really roll
Gotta do the thing with soul

Shake-it, shake with all your might now
If you do it, do it right now
Put your hands around your hip, yeah
Honey, you let your backbone slip, now
You move your body like your hip, you just shake

Got to, got to do it
Got to have it now
Shake, shake, oh shake yeah

If you really want to roll
Gotta do the thing with soul
Shake, shake with all your might
Now, if you do it, do it right
Just let your body loop-de-lite
Just got to, shake-a, shake, baby, now
Got to, got to have it
Shake-a-shake early in the morning now
Shake, shake-shaking in the evening
Shaking all, all, all night long
Shake it, shake it, all night long
Shake, shake it all night long
Shake, shake it all night long
Early in the morning you're doing the shake...

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Abkco Music Inc.
Written by: Sam Cooke

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Comments from YouTube:

Erick Wright

This song's so dense. Every instrument has so much going on.

Mic Worthy

I Squeeze Gats Til My Clips Is Empty...


You may have gone too far in a few places.


It's like poetry, it rhymes...

Blues Chewy

A fantastic cover of the Sam Cooke classic. Forty three years after his passing, Otis Redding's music still and always will matter.


Whats wrong with your faaaceee

Gustavo Hemstreet

Anakin kneels before Monster Mash, and pledges his loyalty to the Graveyard Smash.


Did you ever see "The Pop Monterey Festival"? His performance in it is amazing! If you can, rent it from Netflix or whatever rental store/site you use!


SHAKE IT LIKE BOWL OF SOUP NAH! Possibly the greatest lyric ever written.


Why would you shake a bowl of soup?!

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