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Try a Little Tenderness
by Otis Redding

Oh she may be weary
Them young girls they do get wearied
Wearing that same old shaggy dress, yeah, yeah
But when she gets weary
Try a little tenderness, yeah, yeah

You know she's waiting
Just anticipating
The thing that you'll never, never, never, never possess, yeah, yeah
But while she's there waiting
Without them try a little tenderness
That's all you got to do

It's not just sentimental no, no, no
She has her grief and care, yeah, yeah, yeah
But the soft words they are spoke so gentle, yeah
It makes it easier, easier to bear, yeah
You won't regret it no, no
Young girls they don't forget it
Love is their whole happiness, yeah, yeah, yeah

But it's all so easy
All you got to do is try
Try a little tenderness
All you got to do is, man, hold her when you wanna
Squeeze her, don't tease her, never leave her
Get to her, got, got, got to try a little tenderness, yeah, yeah
You got to know how to love her, man
Don't be surprised, man
You got to squeeze her, don't tease her, never leave
You got to hold her, brother, something, man
Try a little tenderness, yeah, yeah, yeah
You got to grab her gently, man
Don't bruise her, no, no
You got to love her, tease her, don't squeeze her
You got to try, na na na na na
Try, try a little tenderness, yeah
Watch her groove
You got to know what to do, man
Take this advice
You gotta love, squeeze, don't tease

Written by: Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly, Harry M. Woods

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paulina shapwanale

Whoever is reading this😃 you are appreciated and the world is little better with you in it😉

Kellil Jasmin

God bless you!

juan tu

Yo it's crazy comments like this pop up when I'm feeling low(!!!) and listening to music to feel better. Thank you

Bill Lonie

Thanks, you too!

Joyce Nierman

Whoever wrote this Thank You for your appreciation. This Song is SUPERB AND SO intensely performed!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT

Johnny k Pace


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Dennis Den Diesel Jackson

The fact that this man was 24 years old when he recorded this is mind blowing ... sung with so much soul, conviction and passion man

Jill Williams

Chris Leonard Say what? 😳

Jill Williams

Yes, yes, yes!!! He did it!❤️


Well he was born in the error when everyone was like this.24 back then was practically 35

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