Pretty Little Ditty
Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyrics


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Rod Cast

My life is a lie, Crazy Town used a sample of this song for "Butterfly", now I know why it sounds so good. mind-blowing

Clay Call

@Diego Albornoz I kinda hope this is a joke comment lol. If not then my apologies about the proceeding statements: It's NOT a tribute you silly person! That's like saying Kanye West's Blame Game is a tribute to Aphex Twin lol. They found a dope loop and made a catchy song out of it.

Clay Call

@Clyde Smith For real? I forgot that part lol. But it's like a DIRECT sample right? So them playing instruments in the vid was just to look cooler? Idk.

Clay Call

@Charles King I'm guessing you know by now (was announced Last December) but.. You know Fruscante's back right?!!! They've already been writing and recording new stuff so... I cannot fucking god damn good Lord of Hey Suess Christo WAIT!

Clay Call

@Samir Djalal For real?!! Damn that's fucking awesome to think about and know that. Thanks for that tid bit yo!

Oscar Taylor

It's in the album credits

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Ollie Cena

wow this guy got robbed, now stormzy aj and Headie are sampling this


Nah man, they're still getting paid for the samples. The band is even getting money from the "Ain't It Different" song by Headie One


Red hot chilli peppers aren’t one guy lol


@rupinder's curry pot I don't sit in class because I'm not a fucking kid hahahahahahaha how old are you?

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