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Phonograph Blues
Robert Johnson Lyrics

Beatrice, she got a phonograph
And it won't say a lonesome word
Beatrice got a phonograph
But it won't say a lonesome word
What evil have I done?
What evil has the poor girl heard?

Beatrice, I love my phonograph
But you broke my windin' chain
Beatrice, I love my phonograph
But you have broke my windin' chain
And you taken my lovin'
And you gave it to your other man

Now we played it on the sofa, now
We played it 'side the wall
My needles have got rusty, baby
It will not play at all
We played it on the sofa
And we played it 'side the wall
But my needles have got rusty
And it will not play at all

Beatrice, I go crazy
Baby, I will lose my mind
Baby, I go crazy
Honey, I will lose my mind
Why don't you bring your clothes back home
And try me one more time?

She got a phonograph
And it won't say a lonesome word
She got a phonograph
Ooh, won't say a lonesome word
What evil have I done?
Oh, what evil has the poor girl heard?

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Comments from YouTube:

Brazilian Atlantis

"He was one of the first blues musicians" No, folk blues music became popular among Southern blacks before Johnson was born (it was in Louisiana by 1907 and Georgia by 1908), recordings of black folk blues singer/acoustic guitarists came to popularity during 1924-1927, and had huge-selling artists in the 1920s such as Lemon Jefferson, and by the time Johnson first recorded on acoustic in 1936, swing jazz was a national fad and the electric guitar was available in stores.

Marley HP

Is it just me or is there a large demon face to his left my right

Gernot Schrader

On such with a sponge threatened walls you can see whatever you like in it. It is rather a reflection of yourself as that there is something to see. While i never would see this as a sign for a special condition of mind, that's stupid. If that would be true i must be a very evil person but i'm not. Just because one sees a face of a demon where another sees a flower bouquet doesn't mean anything except that you have a different imagination. To weight this is wrong. What makes the difference is the result of our acting, not our imagination. If this result is bad for the environment then it is bad no matter if i see flowers everywhere, vice versa i can see a demon in every dot and my acting can show good results.

Ed Burton

Yes, there's also a cute little fuzzy duckling below his right hand.


yep there's been all sort of stories about that since the day it got out ages ago.

Havalina Chiel

yeah yeah , ready to get that paycheck huh ? naaawh

Jonny Owen

Yes. Deliberate? Maybe it should be a hellhound!

J-P Gobeil

Feelin like in Hell when I hear RObert Johnson, one of the best blues guitarist in the world ! "Me and the devil Were walking side by side""


this is the kindhearted matrix ,I love the other version ,no one ever mentions how good this guy was at changing his backing for his singing.

Julian Salas

so ive been playing guitar for 6 years especially blues, and i thought i mastered the blues then i hear this guy...

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