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Kind Hearted Woman Blues
by Robert Johnson

I got a kindhearted woman
Do anything in this world for me
I got a kindhearted woman
Do anything in this world for me
But these evil-hearted women
Man, they will not let me be
I love my baby
My baby don't love me
I love my baby, ooh
My baby don't love me
But I really love that woman
Can't stand to leave her be
Ain't but the one thing
Makes Mister Johnson drink
I's worried about how you treat me, baby
I begin to think
Oh babe, my life don't feel the same Yo breaks my heart
When you call Mister So-and-So's name
(Break with guitar solo)
She's a kindhearted woman
She studies evil all the time
She's a kindhearted woman
She studies evil all the time
You well's to kill me
As to have it on your mind


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As Martin Scorsese said "The thing about Robert Johnson was that he only existed on his records. He was pure legend". and that's more mysterious than any selling soul to Satan fantasy.


@John Oene Bijstra He probably didn't actually sell his soul but it is not just an expression the folk tale is that he met the devil at the crossroads and sold his soul. Now one must ask if there is a supernatural force or if the devil is real but it is a myth not a saying

John Blues

@CoLatrL.Damg3 That is definitely a way to look at it but I also don't think there is one definition to tie to it. If we look at Robert Johnson and we listen to some folks and stories and documentaries, at some point Robert Johnson disappeared for a while. He came back and suddenly could play the blues like no other. Is that supernatural? I don't think so. Did he cross a line then? No. Robert Johnson was famed for his bad behavior, hitting up other men's women. That is also what most likely got him killed. And he had this behavior before reappearing, so the documentaries tell us. But I can tell you from what I experienced playing the Blues and spending 5 hours a day, without a break in between, when you go through hardships or you live a tough life or there's sorrow you have experienced, it definitely adds to the sound of your Blues. In fact that's what Blues is about isn't it? To feel what he feels through his music, he lays his heart out there. If I hear Robert Johnson, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Honeyboy Edwards play and sing, it will definitely touch my soul. And it will definitely make me cry, laugh, feel sorrow or happiness.

So to come back to whether It's something supernatural or not;

Crossing a line with a point of no return doesn't differ much to devoting all your time to a single thing. Perhaps it explains it a bit better.

While we are at it, what do you think Standing at the crossroads then means?


@John Oene Bijstra I don't think that's how it is meant at all. Listen to Bob Dylan on 60 minutes, easy to find on YouTube and he talks about how its done. There's nothing to sign, but there definitely something supernatural going on. Lots of people talk about that moment, when you're asked to do something beyond the pail (pale?) - that once you cross a line you never go back, and people it do it for fame or money. The world is evil and if you want to make it beyond a certain level you have to pay the price. If you don't, your career is over, if you do you get the fame and glory, but you're hollow inside.

fugee ohu

Actually there's a film of Robert Johnson on YouTube

John Oene Bijstra

Selling your soul to the devil is a saying. Not a fantasy. When you sell your soul to the devil, you give all of your being to that one thing you love to do the most and you get to be at a level of skill, that is otherwise not gained.

Corey Blankenship

Why isn't there more blues like this played today? Just guitar and voice. It's perfect.


Because 99% can't pull it off.


@Mike Smith this era I look to metal, black metal and folk. It's all I can find that is of any quality.

Diane Colucci

Don't. Want to mess with toommuch of a good thing..quality not quantity

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