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Mississippi John Hurt Lyrics

Frankie was a good girl everybody know
She pay one hundred dollars for our one suit of clothes
He's a man and he done me wrong.

Frankie went down to the corner saloon, didn't go to be gone long
She peek through one of the keyholes and spied Albert in Alice's arms
He's my man and he done me wrong.

Frankie called Albert, Albert says "I don't hear."
"If you don't come to the woman you love, gonna haul you out of here"
You's my man and you done me wrong."

Frankie shot old Albert and she shot him three or four times
Says "Stroll back, I'd smoke my gun, let him see Albert dying
He's my man and he done me wrong."

Frankie and the judge walked down on the stand, walked out side to side
The judge says to Frankie "You're gonna be justified
For killing a man and he done you wrong."

Dark was the night, cold was on the ground
Little last word I heard Frankie say "I'd done laid old Albert down
He's my man and he done me wrong."

I ain't gonna tell no story and I ain't gonna tell no lie
Well an hour past about an hour ago, the girl called out his pride
He's your man and he done you wrong.

Lyrics © WYNWOOD MUSIC CO. INC., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: JOHN S HURT

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Comments from YouTube:

Kári Svansson

This man is one of the most beautiful souls ever to have descended to this Earth.


It's been said that American literature starts with Twain's "Huckleberry Finn". I feel that MJH is similarly influential to American acoustic guitar music.

It should be noted too that this recording had to be sped up slightly to get it to fit on a 78 RPM side. 5*!

Jo Seon-ho

This song gives me chills every time, especially when he says "Dark was the night, cold was on the ground."

James Walton Ingham

This is lovely. I have heard so many copies of this online where the key shifts and the song speeds up. This is how I recall hearing the song as a youngster. Thank you.


Real blues you can here his passion when he sings... amazing.

Lee Croughton

Wow! My dad played his music in the car the house and on his guitar and we're from the south east!! OF ENGLAND!!

Gregory Fulkerson

The texture of his voice at this age is rare, as most of his recordings were after his rediscovery some 30 years later when his voice is older and more full of gravel. I enjoyed this track and the more velvety tones that we find in his youthful voice. However, I am still partial to the later live recordings.

Roosevelt Davis

What a beautiful song by a wonderful artist. I got the 78 record original. And it's in good condition. I bought it on eBay for lot of money. But its well worth it. All respect to this legendary artist r.I.p Mr John Hurt.

doug sheehan

He's tuned to an open G, but capoed up to about B. During the song the pitch slides up to about C. Must be a defect in the recording equipment sllowing down through the piece to make the playing speed up.

Moris Foster

Aaron Furrer go check out dave van ronk spike driver blues on the end of the video he says that he asked mr Hurt why does he play Frankie slower and with the lower pitch in his voice (thinking it might have been the age)but John said that the record was too damn long so the company people had to speed it up ;)

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