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Wild Sea
Roberto Cacciapaglia Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Wild Sea' by these artists:

Mark Eitzel Inside he's empty A head filled with shopping lists and pol…
Maya Isac I make my way down through this weary bay Grasp for…
Maya Isacowitz I saw it again this evening Black sail in a pale…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Roberto Cacciapaglia:

Figlia del cielo Giorni notti Buio luce Notti albe Danza senza fine Aspet…
How long How long, O Lord? Will you forget me? How long will…
Michael Angelus Pacis Angelus pacis Michael in aedes Caelitus nostras veniat seren…
My Time Stored on the shelves of my memory My thoughts are in…
Un'ora Un'ora per nascere un'ora per morire Un'ora per piantare …
Un'ora (From the Qoelet) Un'ora per nascere un'ora per morire Un'ora per piantare un'…

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Comments from YouTube:

Seik Hee

It was really good and make people feel so relax. But the only thing was too short,i hope it would have like at least 1 hour. I often listen to those relax song while doing my work so I hope it could be longer. While listen to this music I feel like I can do everything , it makes me feel alive. Thank you Roberto Cacciapaglia you make this great background music, I love it so much and hoping you will write more background like this. I will always remember this background music that lets me be myself. Thank you Roberto Cacciapaglia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica Gamez

you can make a list in sporify for example, and repeat all the time that you want

Maddy Cordaro

It's because It's a piece to play on the piano so It can't be an hour long. although you could easily find a video with all of his pieces together and that should be an hour

Александра Овчинниккова

Seik Hee Absolutely right!) music is wonderfull!) You feel you can achieve everything you want)

jimmy chessa


Laurentziu Rosu

Wonderful ! Merry Christmas !

Angela Pistone


Francesco Rosato

il passaggio tra la terra e il cielo cosi dolce


vorrei tanto descrivere la sensazione che si prova ascoltando questa musica,ma è impossibile è di una tenerezza indescrivibile...❤

Carlos López

Prova a cercare in YouTube: Antonio Ferrera 1 Junio 2019, pura emozione

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