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The Darkness
by Rose Cousins

To take the light into the dark is to know the dark
To know the dark, go into the dark

You can lock the door, yeah you know how
You can stay alone, you're so proud but
You can't keep the darkness out

You're probably the strongest one I know
You've got the thickest skin,
You've got weight to throw but
You can't keep the darkness out

Whatever hurt you, what keeps you mad
Wants you to let it go, let it pass
When memories turn to doubt
You can't keep the darkness out

The dark is a river
Though it may divide
If you wade into it, with your arms open wide l
Et it take you with it, you don't have to fight
It will provide

There's nothing wrong with the heart in your chest
It might be heavy but it's innocent
It can't keep the darkness out

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