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Fraggle Rock
Savage-C Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Fraggle Rock' by these artists:

Bison Sun breaks through the clouds at last So wear a smile…
Fraggle Rock Fraggle Rock Fraggle Rock Fraggle Rock Fraggle Rock Each da…
The Fraggles Fraggle Rock Fraggle Rock Fraggle Rock Fraggle Rock Each da…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Savage-C:

Chris Hates Everybody Everybody hates Chris, c'mon all together Everybody hates Ch…
Fight Club They came to ride then they gon ride They came…
I Don't Care (I don't care I don't care) No more Mr. Nice Guy It's…
Pills What are you tryna do got bout 50 on me Took…

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Comments from YouTube:

Chris Johnson

We need more songs off this album on Youtube! There's alot more dope songs on The Garbage Pail Kid that people need to hear!


sav has the best instrumentals. this album especially


Upload the rest of album been searching hours for it and it seems like he got copyrighted or something. UPLOAD !!! Thanks

Jake McCoy

Did you ever find this full album? Need it


did he just say "im on some wes kremer shit so you know im infected"?


wes craven

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