This Side Up
Scream Lyrics

Yesterday, it rained so hard I thought the roof was gonna give
But now today’s so bright, just want to let it all in
And I did it on my own and I know who my real friends were
But there’s no one to blame when it’s all a game
You know what the rules are
From here on out it’s this side up!

It’s shuffled steps and shuffled decks and how they both fall
For me a taste at first and then always the pain that sooths
And it hit me and hit me and hit me, I never even cared at all
For what’s not remembered, though others did see
There was no memory for me
From here on out it's this side up!
From here on out it's this side up!

From here on out it’s this side up!
From here on out it's this side up!
From here on out it's this side up!
From here on out it's this side up!

Yeah, oh boy, it feels like I got a new lease on life
I’ve opened a door as I opened my eyes, pulled out that knife
And it’s so different here, my head is clear and in a new frame
But I can’t forget my regrets, though there is no shame
For others it’s simply not the same
From here on out it's this side up!
From here on out it's this side up!

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Comments from YouTube:

joey wolfe

One of the most underrated talented bands ever!!! Love this album, Got me through some hard times and kept my outlook on life positive. THIS SIDE UP!

Anahi Macauley

This album brings back so many memories. Just love this band!


Love this band being from Richmond just 3 hours south of DC I really dug these guys. They a breath of fresh air in terms of the existing state of punk and hardcore back then...Actual melody and songwriting LOL. That said I gotta say that last songs main riff sounds like a Cro-Mags song.

Chris Francz

Yes, you’re right! That riff is the darkest on the whole album. I definitely hear Cro-Mags but Bad Brains influenced Cro-Mags and weren’t Bad Brains stationed in DC / Virginia around this time?

Dwain Farmery

Classic album this, remember buying it in the local record store without having heard of them, turned out to be a big fave. Was a bit of a gamble buying music back in those days, no internet and not much media for this sort of thing in Lincolnshire....

m b

There is more talent here in the first 16 seconds  than in 10 Green Day albums

horse man

why even bring them up lol

bexfitlife beccasfit

No comparison

Nomis vagabond

Green Day 👳 are shit

Rob Conger

Mr. Grohl: if you're watching... with this new last release at Inner Ear: 1. worried that they had to GoFundMe it...2. always always always watch out for these guys.

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