Come On Children
Small Faces Lyrics

Woh yeah, all right,
Oh yeah, all right.
I feel all right,
You know I feel all right,
I feel all right,
You know I feel all right,
I wanna think about the hard times that make you, yeah,
Think about the bad times that break you, yeah,
Think of all the good things, yeah, yeah, we done together,
Think about grey storms and stormy weather,
Ah, come on children,

Whatever you do don't kid me woman,
Woh no, Oh woh no.

I've got something I wanna tell ya, right,
Yeah, I got something I wanna show ya,
Something that I been thinking about for such a long time,
I just gotta let it out,
Oh, you know the other night,
Hhmm, as I lay sleeping baby,
I dreamed I held you in my arms,
When I woke up, I found I was mistaken,
Do you know that I hung my head and I cried,
That you are my sunshine, baby,
I really do believe you are my only sunshine, yeah,
You make me happy,
You make me happy,
You make me happy when my skies are grey,
You'll never know dear how much I love ya,
So go on and change my grey skies to blue,
Change my grey skies loving you, yeah, all right,
Just a little bit a softer,
Just a little bit a softer,
Just a little bit of quiet,
Just a little bit of quiet,
Just a little bit of soul,
Just a little bit of soul, yeah,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ba byeeee,
Are you ready,
Hey hey, (Hey yeah),
My my my (My my my)
Yeah (yeah),
My (My),
Yeah, wow,
Come on children...

Whatever you do,
I wanna hear it own up each and every one of you,
Don't it make you feel all right,
{Yeah all right]
I've told ya that it's true baby,
W'oh yeah, all right, yeah.

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At 1.45 you hear the riff that Led Zep later used for 'Heart breaker" its clearly ripped off from this track. I never heard this one I came here because in "All or Nothing" Marriot sings
'Come on Children' so I thought for one moment that this maybe was a different version of "All..." just with another title. Yet its a tremendous track with a very exciting rockin' band
that here rivals the Who and Led Zep, Floyd and Stones. I think the Faces maybe were steered towards singles or album tracks that were like singles (except Ogden's) and looks
they were constrained, this is an almost live sounding track. If they did this a whole album then they'd made one that blew most bands away...I think they were held back
by their producer, becoming part of pop instead of rock. However any material of the Small Faces is outstanding and it is a shame this band is too much associated with the
1960-ies. Here you can clearly hear the ability to make a track that would have been the talk of the town if it was done fore a whole album side.
A lot of artists in the past were pushed into a mold and forced to make 'poppy' -single material and could have developed better if their managers and record bosses wouldn't have
been so scared to lose money. Luckily most artists of that era were so good that most songs, even the commercial singalong ones, that those even had enough artistic merit.
Of course not every 60ies song is a classic and some were filler material but compared with stuff released now.....sorry Drake but I am really not impressed with your lame singing
about the sneakers you've bought, parties and houses and the desire to dance like Micheal Jack-son.....the worst 'I don't care about my listeners'-sample ever.

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Chris Morfas

I've never heard Jones drum anywhere near as frenetically as he does in this song's intro.


Almost Keith Moon-like


120lb British kid belting it out like a seasoned Chicago R&B singer. These guys did it before Zep did it. Ahead of their time.

James A Dempsey

These guys were better in 66-67 than BOTH the Who and the Stones. My God.

Holger Minte

of course...


This is from 1965 with Jimmy Winston still in the band.

Howard Buxton

Edy Buoso agreed!!

Edy Buoso

@Howard Buxton I agree with the fact that the first Who's albums weren't all gold, they made totally smashing hits but had been quite uneven until "The Who Sell Out". However, in my opinion there's really no better or worse in such cases, both bands were great (the Stones as well, and let's not forget the Kinks). On one hand, one must concede that The Who came before Small Faces and were quite influential to them, as this song clearly shows. But of course Small Faces had their own personality and were second to no one. Such a shame they aren't rememered as much as some of their colleagues are.

Howard Buxton

Really? A chorus means you ‘smoke’ another song? I adore the Who but Pictures was a ditty to me. I like it, but I don’t love it. A lot of the Who’s early albums were very fillery (?) A quick one being a great case in point. The Small Faces pre 67/8 were awesome. Christ Mary Anne had a chorus but it was shite. That said I’m now going to listen to Anyway, Anyhow,Anywhere live at the BBC and then The Creation - while sticking my head through a wall. Good times.

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Noah Crews

Kenney's drumming dominates this song.

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