Dawn Storm
T. Rex Lyrics

Dawn storm, o my dawn storm
I realize you`re blue
Please babe, o don`t squeeze babe
All that I say must be true

Baby I`m not crazy
A rush ain`t no crush it`s a trip
But learning on a journey
Ain`t no month on the sunset strip

Times they are strange and I won`t
No no no, not my love for you
Times they are strange and I won`t
No no no, not my love for you

Lyrics © Spirit Music Group
Written by: MARC BOLAN

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Terry Hayes

How can they keep ignoring this man in the history of rock? A true genius.

AC Ferrad

@Thomas Huth you're odd... rather not comment shit

CJ Bolan

@Thomas Huth ​I don't get it. I see your name around a lot in the comments on Bolan's music. You always have something negative to say. If you don't like the music, why not just ignore it and go listen to something else instead. I'm not sure what you're getting out of this. It must be something more than just wasting your time listening to music by a man you clearly don't like.


Well, some due comeuppance is finally here as T.REX are finally being inducted into the 2020 RRHOF inMay. :-)

michael foley

Thomas what are you on about are you saying that you were scared to even mention that you were a T.Rex fan my best mate was a T.Rex fan every body that knew me knew I was a T.Rex fan my nick name was Trex they would go here comes Trex I loved it I even had my hair done the same as Marc's and the girl that did it at the salon was a T.Rex fan I didn't give up on T.rex, I haven't changed he runs deep in me and all ways will you see Thomas some of us fans that are still T.rex fans to this day or morning we aren't passing fads like some of his so called fans who stopped because he got criticised and no longer in the spot light stopped loving him because they were ashamed to be called a T.rex fan. What I can't understand Thomas is what made you to stop being a T.rex why only to 73 what happened you come on these T.rex songs like you have a right to try and say o yeah that song was good on Future but it was the only one the rest was crap I really don't understand how you can change you're opinion on Marc and the hidden riders on the back of some clown having a go about his albums and singles that shouldn't matter what other people say its what you feel that counts not some critic with a gripe about Marc it was personal what they did to him and even Tony keeps having sly digs about him but not dear ol Bowie best of mates they were?

Kiki Freese

@Thomas Huth i guess he was ahead of his time <3 as with most geniuses.

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Adrian Trott

Rhythm n´ Blues with orchestral backing...brilliant Bolan at his best.


In my opinion Marc's best vocal performance.

Michael Cameron

honestly the singing is great the strings are great the lyrics are sublime I love this guy

Sabrina René

I love how there aren't any negative comments for this song

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