Is It True
T. Rex Lyrics

Is it true what they do?
Is it true what they do to you?
Is it true what they say?
Is it true what they say to you

Na na na na na na na na
Na na na (twice)

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Written by: MARC BOLAN

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The discrepency about the chase scene with the Rex has driven me absolutely nuts for years, lol...

Everyone seems to think that the jeep was plowing along at higher than the Rexes stated top speed in the movie (32 MPH). But, as both a car guy and a Paleontologist, I noticed a discrepancy that seems to have been missed by many people. Because of this exact reason, I've watched the chase scene probably 10 times tonight alone. Please allow me to clarify :)

Here. is. the. thing.

That particular Jeep was a manual transmission model, a 1992 Wrangler YJ Sahara trim. The camera even zooms in to point this out at several points. Now, if you pay careful attention to the shifting done by Muldoon as they attempted to get away from Rexie, The vehicle began the chase in 1st gear (ideally the gear you'd want to be in.) It did appear that he had managed to get the vehicle into 3rd gear at some point, but upon shifting into 4th, Ian climbed backwards out of the back seat and into the front passenger compartment, knocking the vehicle out of gear.

I suppose as we get further and further away from the release date of Jurassic Park, people are becoming more unfamiliar with how a manual transmission works now that automatics are ubiquitous across the board, and few cars are even offered with a manual option anymore. As time has gone on and the industry has moved on, perhaps people don't understand what's actually happening in that vehicle's drive train during that particular sequence.

Now, the Sahara model (the Jeep Wrangler in question) included the I6 engine, 292 Cubic inches of displacement, producing 190 HP. Not a bad engine, I have one in my ZJ, however, it is no Hemi, pushing 390 HP, like my ram has either... With the manual transmissions available in the 92 YJ, it was capable of 0-60 in about 8 seconds. This claim can be assumed to be made from "ideal conditions". It was probably measured with the vehicle on a test track, dry pavement, with the drive train in Rear Wheel Drive, not 4WD. This number is usually also claimed from the best of the best runs, It probably does not include the terrible 0-60 times in the average. So, what 0-60 in so many seconds is saying, is "If everything goes perfectly, you can do this time in your vehicle"

That time is only going to get longer as you begin changing those factors.

Let's break down the chase scene then. The Jeep starts from a standstill, on a muddy service trail, immediately following a torrential downpour (which is why Nedry ended up in the ditch, then in the Dilo's belly). The Jeep, no doubt was in 4WD at this point. This consequently effectively halves the power delivered to each axle. The actual power delivery is even less than half of the total HP, due to kinetic energy being converted to heat, etc etc... Muldoon hops in, starts the engine, and dumps the clutch (I know, right? what's that???) spinning the tires a bit (pedantic, but it would have delayed the jeep even further from reaching its 0-60 time.) I could not locate any exact numbers, but in my experience driving YJs, you're lucky to reach 40 MPH in 3rd gear with the engine rapped out on an I6. We're talking a vehicle with a TOP SPEED of 104 MPH in 5th gear. A prius has a higher top speed than that... City driving will find your transmission on an older YJ in either 3rd or 4th gear most of the time. That vehicle in 1st gear, in terrible, off road conditions, probably topped at 8-10 MPH before it had to be shifted into 2nd, then probably rapped out around 15-18 MPH in second gear. By the time Muldoon got the vehicle into 3rd gear, they were probably moving ~20MPH... Maybe. I would assume they were moving about 35 MPH when he shifted to 4th, if he was shifting normally and not redlining the engine in 3rd gear.

Then Ian panicked and did the inconvenient thing that almost got them all killed.

Malcolm knocking the vehicle out of gear, thanks to the manual transmission, would have immediately robbed the wheels of power, and therefore acceleration. At this point, the engine has been completely decoupled from the wheels, and the vehicle is going to DEcelerate as gravity and friction start robbing the vehicle of momentum. If you can't deliver power to the wheels, they're not going to turn. Simple. A large animal, taking tennis court length strides, isn't going to have a hard time catching up to a vehicle that isn't accelerating, and is actually slowing down, especially considering its stated, in the movie, top speed of 32 MPH. (Actual scientific estimates aside, assuming Jurassic Park's Rex can move that fast, it's going to overtake the jeep eventually if they're not accelerating.) After Rexie blows through the downed tree, you can actually hear the engine straining, since it's still getting gas and accelerating, but that power is going nowhere. Moments later the camera shows Muldoon slamming it into 4th, at which point they speed away.

So, what it boils down to, is if you ignore the metadata of real world estimates of Tyrannosaurus Rex's speed, and say for the sake of argument that animal was capable of moving 32 MPH in pursuit of prey, and take into account the low power that a Jeep YJ had, and how it was being employed during this scene, it becomes downright possible that the movie Rex was capable of keeping up with the Jeep for the short sprint in did. The whole chase scene from start to the Rex falling back was only 33 seconds. 16 seconds of that was spent with the Jeep in nuetral.

Assume for a minute that the Jeep had been in 2nd gear when it was knocked out of gear, and even a real world Rex would have been able to keep up with that Jeep. Not everyone has experience behind the wheel of a Jeep, so not everyone has that context necessarily... but I don't feel like it was implausible taken in the context of the movie.


I mean, there are still giant raptors that could have torn you apart in the blink of an eye. They were called Deinonochus, Utahraptor, Austroraptor, and Dakotaraptor.

They all had feathers (including wings with modern day flight feathers), but that didn't make them any less deadly. In fact, the feathers may have made them somewhat more deadly, as these raptors are thought to have used their wings to keep their balance while standing on top of prey, tearing chunks of flesh off of said prey, which was still very much alive, and quite probably rather unhappy with the situation.

In fact, while none of these animals could fly, juvenile raptors are thought to have been able to glide short distances, and would have been avid tree climbers (mostly so they could hide from hungry, cannibalistic adults, along with other predators.)

Think of dromeosaurs as giant ground hawks with steak knives for teeth.

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Today I Found Out

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Grant couldn’t possibly have known how the frog DNA would have affected
T-Rex’s vision and would only have been speaking from his experience as a palaeontologist, therefore the film was incorrect.

Intellectual Ammunition

Today I Found Out maybe what about the fact that they probably would have never seen a human being before so if you didn't move they might think you're you know f**** rock or something I don't know

Darth Awar

What is shown in the movies are thought to be Utah Raptors!!!

Don'tAsk Me

Today I Found Out I want to try some T-Rex wings now you told me chickens are their closest ancestor 😂

Terrance Stapleton

Got a question for you Mr. ,
As I sit here with the inornate task of rolling pennies , I thought of a question which sounds easy to ask but has far reaching economic consequences, that I'm sure of. If America got rid of pennies, namely if America rounded everything to the nearest nickel what might happen?

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It is basically a giant mouth on legs so seems like a safe assumption it would be good at finding things to put into its giant mouth.


@IR Music yeah that's a good point but paleontologists have proven that it can see far and even if they are wrong about the really good eye sight it probably could see you if you were standing a 100 feet in front of it

IR Music

I thought it sucked at vision, so the massive mouth made up for it because if it tried to snatch something and missed, it had a big mouth to make it easier to catch its prey which decreases the odds of messing up since the volume and size is so much larger. So basically, even if the projectory was miscalculated and not so accurate, they would still catch "it" regardless of the mistake simply because it is just so massive. For example, say its mouth is 5 feet wide, this gives it room for error, even if it is completely off by as much as a foot, it still has a chance with the other 4 feet of mouth to catch the prey. Basically a large fishing net instead of a small one, it increases the odds and chances of catching something, even if you mess up, because the larger size makes up for the mistake.

Ace Undead

@Ken Smith lol i will gladly be the guinea pig in this experiment. Like i said childhood dream come true right there, either scenario

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