The Groover
T. Rex Lyrics

T . are . E . X.
Some call me Arnie
Some name me Slim
It don't make no difference
'Cause I move right in
They call me the groover
When I'm on the floor
The kids yell for more, more, more
Some call me Starkey
Some named me stud
Yes they do
It don't make no difference
'Cause I move in the mud
I said sing it to me children
Yea I'm the groover honey yeah
I'm the groover honey Yea
I'm the groover honey
Well some call me Jeepster
And some name me lame
It don't make no difference
Man you know what it takes
I'm a groover 'cause I move right in

Written by: MARC BOLAN

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Comments from YouTube:

Kurt Riley

So grateful to see Marc’s original promo videos coming to the fore on the official account. This may have been the top of the roller coaster, but few have influenced Pixies (and Bowie by proxy) with such a deceptively simple tune...a groove like adamantium-coated Chuck Berry.


This is not a promo, official or otherwise. This is just a compilation of clips put together a few years ago and released on a DVD.

Alex Fletcher

Some call it over-using the formula, but out of original context it's still a blast.

Jojo heartspaypay

Still many many years later..

Celeste Inman

Certainly a trip. Lol


And some call it pure genius entertainment ! As always T REX the best ❤️

Lana Alexander

Fun video of Marc's photo shoot and his Elvis moves. 💖💖💖

T.Rextasy Official

The glasses Marc wears were from a selection of 3 pairs he bought while on holiday in the south of France. He gave one pair to Mick O’Halloran’s wife - a few years ago she gave them to me! ALSO - check out the brilliant cut of The Groover on Bump’n’Grind as it has the full version and brings Marc’s guitars to the fore - it was great fun mixing it from the multi-tracks.

Cat Black

Lana Alexander 😂 That's brand new to me, what do you mean by: Elvis Moves? I can't see any.Over the many, many years, I have never, at any point in time, recognized any Elvis Moves .Can you say at what second or minute you saw which of these, how you say : Elvis moves in this video? 😘



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