The Arcadian Wild Lyrics

There's a beast that can't be tamed, with its dark and evil ways, making its home inside each one of us.
The beast's attack is heard, not seen. It lies right behind my teeth. It can't create, it only deconstructs.
Have you heard the word?
We all whisper against our enemies. And we whisper against our friends.
We murmur, breathing out murderous talk, whispering wounds we cannot mend.
I'll say behind your back what I won't tell you to your face. I'm a double sided man, and you're the same.
With the same mouth we bless and curse, little Pharisees from our birth, happy as long as there's someone else to blame.
Have you heard the word?
In reality, our duality is our tragic flaw. With our lips we commit the greatest sins of all.

Contributed by Tyler I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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