Love Is the Reason
The Chordettes Lyrics

Love is the reason you were born
Love was the gleam in papa's eye

People suddenly meet
People suddenly fit
People suddenly hit
And brother, that's it

Love is a kick right in the pants
Love is the aspirin you buy

If you're flappin' your fins
If you're climbin' a wall
There must be a reason for it all
What is the reason for it all?
Love is the reason for it all

Love is the night you can't recall
Love is the extra drink you drank

Love's a shot in the arm
Love's a poke in the ribs
Buyin' bottles and bibs
And fillin' up cribs

Love is an old established trap
Ten million suckers walk the plank

If you land on your tail
Every time that you fall
I can't see the reason for it
Who needs a reason for it?
Love is the reason for it all

All night the teasin' in the hall
Hallways are lovely for a call
Call it the season
I say, "Love is the reason for it all"

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Azita Toloee


* Time of her death ( 3:00am) !!!!
- Why the housekeeper was up so late at that night? She didn’t need rest? She didn’t take care of a 90 years old sick women . MM was only 36 years old and she didn’t need anybody to check on her constantly during day and night
* Body condition, scar on her back , messy hair
- It is looks like that she rest after a big battle . I can’t believe that body and messy hair was belonged to a superstar that ONLY took some pills for rest

***Transfer her body ASAP to the memorial park
- why they acted so fast and unorganized ?!
- the pictures and document is saying that her body transferred at 5:30 am . While the pictures shows a full daylight . She dies in August , the sunrise was about 6:30 am . It should be dark at that time while transferred her body to memorial park.
* her last picture
- I can see blood all over her face and ear
however her eyes make up still look perfect !!!!
* The Autopsy took 5 hours!!!
- the normal time for an autopsy is 1 hour. Why it took 5 times more than the normal time ?!!! While it was only few more sleep pills in her system !!! So what they were looking for ?
What happened in her autopsy ?!
- Why Abbott was shocked when he saw MM’s body after the autopsy ?!
- he stated there were no resemble between MM and her death body ?!

* There is no picture of her is available during her ceremony ?!
- How it possible ?!
- Why?
- Why her makeup artist stated that it was the hardest job that she did ever on MM’s face ?
- Where was the paparazzi and photographer at that time?

These are only a few points of the mystery of MM death . It was only 6 minutes video and I am sure more evidence are available and these document will revealed at a right time and finally she can Rest In Peace . Amen

Harry Potter

Your skin looks isn’t paper, don’t cut it.

Your body isn’t a book, don’t judge it.

Your heart isn’t a door, don’t lock it.

Bully’s aren’t the key,Don’t open to them.

Life isn’t a sentence

Don’t end it.

The Radionic Revival

Montz bro her husband literally beat her and her makeup artist had to hide the scars

That same guy literally was a possesive creep who stalked and even had a sex doll modeled after her

At the end of the day most of the people in her life man or women saw her as an item or something to step on to get to a higher place

And this was already happening before she even became a star lmao

She was sexually assaulted like 3 times before she was even 16

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Celest Marie

I get that people look different when they pass away. Her face looked bruised and beaten


@Eric C a pastor said sum about God came to him and told him that this Marilyn Monroe will die of an heart attack not suicide but the thing it I told like Meletin sum sleeping pills and I was hella just down it said only take one or two I was taking like 3 then maybe 5 or 4 the other day, my heart was hurting badly and I felt like I was slowly dying 😕😕😕 and I heard sum about her having an heart attack just today after I watch 2011 Marilyn. I asked God when I sleep show me where her soul is at and while I was done eating the bread I burp a few sorry I said that but my chest and body just started hurting badly now I can’t remember if I heard about the heartattack she had was b4 the weird chest pain I had or after, and the sad part about this is she said “I don’t need your Jesus” to pastor graham when they had the interview so yhhh im kinda in shock again I knew she said those words but just reading them again it hurts

Maureen Trant

@J E Actually, it’s called Livor Mortis... rigor Mortis is the stiffening of muscles.

DasTemplar 96

It’s called ‘pooling’, when your body dies, your blood moves and collects based on gravity. It can be used as an indicator to determine if a body has been moved post-mortem. Since she was found face down in her bed, her face would appeared bruised.

Berry Animatics

@Lilly Jacob does it scare you..? As in, thinking that one day, you'l be gone, never feel or see anything, you'll just nothing. Does it scare you..?

I'm Onto Something

@Eric C That probably explains why my dad's head was bleeding after he died from a heart attack.🤔

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She was objectified her whole life, yet she still tried to uplift other girls. That’s why I look up to her.

Nanikore Oya oya

@UCdGbHLnZXogWK3V00B9ADig She’s a queen. She knows how to use her femininity as a weapon for her success not as a weakness. Not many people can do that. But the price is big and that’s livin in loneliness.

Nanikore Oya oya

“Girls objectifying themselves as sexual object” That was the most misogynistic statement I’ve ever read. Literally no girls wants to sexualizes themselves. The society made its stigma. They’ve been told since early age that women should be the source for their men satisfaction. Some women took the flower and thorns path by following the stigma. Some other women took the rocks and storm path by denying the stigma. Whichever path they took, they essentially just trynna survive in this highly prejudicial world


@A_Midget_Spinner no protection at all

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