Love We Had
The Dells Lyrics

(Ooh...) I just can't believe it, girl (Baby)
I can't believe that it's over (No, no, no, no)
But I'm your man (Woo...hoo...) and I'll be alright (Yeah, whoa...)
But still, the love we had stays on my mind

Lately baby, I've been thinkin'
How good it was when you were here
And it ain't the wine that I've been drinkin'
For once I feel my head is clear (Ooh, yeah)
But early this mornin', ha, when I opened my eyes, ha
That old lonesome feelin' took me by surprise, ha
I guess you meant more to me than I realized
The love we had stays on my mind (Ooh, stays on my mind)
The love we had stays on my mind
(Oh...oh...whoa...ho...yeah...yeah...oh...yeah...sing it Jazz)

And lately, girl, I've been rememberin'
The good times that we used to share
My thoughts of you don't have an endin'
And the memories of you are everywhere' oh, yeah, oh, yeah

But why should I tell you it's not your concern
You win some, you lose some, but I've lost and I've learned, ha
Sysqo's so lonely with no place to turn, at
And at the end, I find, yes, I do
[The love we had stays on my mind] Woo...whoa...oh...yeah...yeah...yeah...

Girl, if you were nearer (Oh, ba-baby)
If you had a mirror (If you had a mirror)
Maybe you could count my tears (You don't know, you don't know how I tried)
And if you were nearer (Baby)
It would all be clearer (I want you right here nest to me)
How I wish that you were here (Mmm, mmm)
How I wish that you were (Oh, baby) here (How I wish, how I wish)
(How I wish that you were here, I want to let you know, know, yeah...)

And baby girl, I was tired
So I laid down to dream for a little while
But lately I've been so (Ha), so uninspired (Take your time, take your time, take it)
Without the comfort of your smile (Hey, hey, hey, yeah)

But I'm not complainin', huh
'Cause that's how it goes
There's always some heartache
In this world I suppose, huh, just a minute
But you can't imagine
But nobody knows
The love we had stays on my mind
(Nobody knows, baby, that the love stays on my mind)
The love we had stays on my mind (Oh...yes, baby, oh...yes, baby) [Ooh, yes]
(Do you hear me) [Hey]
The love we had (Woo) stays on my mind (Some times I get a little lonely)
The love we had (And I can't eat at night) [I can't eat at night, ha] stays on my mind
(I can't sleep, baby, ha, Lord have mercy) [I can't sleep at night]
The love we had (Woo) stays on my mind (Yeah...yeah...yeah...)
The love we had stays on my mind
(Oh, baby, ooh, just help me, say yeah, yeah) [Yeah, yeah]
The love we had stays on my mind (Say yeah, yeah) [Yeah, yeah]
The love we had stays on my mind (Ooh, say yeah, yeah) [Yeah, yeah]
(Oh, yeah....yeah...hey, hey)
The love we had (Uh) stays on my mind (Baby) [Baby] (All right) [All right] (I said)
The love we had stays on my mind (Whoa...ho...yeah...oh, yeah)
The love we had stays on my mind

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Princess Star

I am so young and So late lol 😀
I just learn about the Dells today
And I just learn today that they sing this Song
Great Cover Dru Hill
"Love we had Stays on my mind"

I did meet sisco

Pauletta Nelson

The Dells is one of the greatest Soul groups of this entire lifetime!!!

They were also very smart business wise.

I've seen them perform 3 times in my life, and I can tell all of you, they were very professional.

Once I was at the Taste in Chgo., waiting patiently to see the Dells. I took my children, we were all excited, as they would finally see them perform and they knew all the songs, as I played them a lot. We had close seats too.

I saw them go back stage, and when they realized the media was there to record their performance, they DID NOT PERFORM.!!!

They did not want their performances to be seen via media. This was their livelihood, and the thought of someone taking food out of their mouth was just not going to happen. Not to the Almighty Dells!!!

Some people were angry they didn't perform, but I wasn't, and I let them know too, as did others who knew what the Dells thought about media being at their performances.This was not the 1st. time this had happened to them.

I understood and respected their opinion. Now the 2 lead singers are gone to that other dimension, I was SHOCKED to even see that youtube, had any of their live performances to share with the world!!!!

I am so glad too, now everyone can see what real professionalism and talent is really like. I love all of their songs, and they have left us one of the best legacies, and they did it JUST LIKE THEY WANTED....


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LaTanya Junior

I'm Marvin Junior's lead singer of The Dells, daughter, LaTanya Junior -- thank you for loving the music and keeping Dad's legacy alive!!! God Bless


His legacy will never die one of the most powerful voices of all time. Love and respect

Delvito Reynolds

Your dad had one of the most amazing potent voices of his time or any other for that matter. He still inspires me to push my voice to the next level. Blessings and love for his amazing gift.


What a blessing!

Daniel Robinson

OMG! I came here to find out who was the lead singer on this song with the out of this world voice and the first comment I see is from his son Marvin jr. This is so incredible. Your father's voice is so magnificent. I hurt my vocal cords everytime I trying to sing like him. Peace and Blessings to you and your family. Your father gave the world some beautiful singing and classic music.

Anton Brown

I love 5hier music

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Paul Turnet

The way he sings the lyrics "you win some, you lose some" simply stuns you, powerful stuff right here !!!!

Sandra Hood


Kit kat

@Gina Martinez you must melt each time…girl you’re blessed! Worship and Kiss that Man for the rest of your life! I’ll do the same for my sweet husband too!🥰

Kit kat

Total FIRE🔥

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