The Flaming Lips Lyrics

I saw this bird fly off his head
Without him ever looking up
This here giraffe was never caught complaining
He wouldn't take skin off yer back.

And ya hear yourself
And ya hear yourself
This here giraffe, laughed

I saw this man stick out his neck
With his binoculars intact
He couldn't tell the right side of his brain
Had just lost all interest in his left,
And ya feel yourself shrinking
And ya feel yourself shrinking
This here giraffe, laughed
This here giraffe, laughed
And ya hear yourself
And ya hear yourself

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Doug Smith

@scentless_apprentice there's a fairly brief live show from a NYC Sub Pop showcase during a music conference (CMJ?) from I think 1995 that The Lips got added to at the last minute where they have ZERO of the Xmas lights stage setup or, any other props. The camera is filming DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF RONALD JONES!!!
The quality is quite good for the time period too...even being directly in front of the waves of controlled feedback and sonics Ronald is manipulating...the heavenly craziness of his numerous pedals...etc...the sound of the video recording is never really overwhelmed and, overdriven to a squealing shitty mess.
It is a great set. I saw them quite often during the Ronald Jones era and, the fact that they were "forced" to rely on the music and, not on any "gimmicks" really works in their favour. Time is also an issue and, they just pound through their set without any real banter.

When I say "forced" I am not saying that the other bands and the venue were riding their asses to hurry up and finish...I just mean that the Sub Pop bands were very kind to make adjustments to their own setlists to accommodate the Lips and, the Lips were very appreciative and considerate of not fucking around and, screwing the other bands that had already sacrificed to accommodate them. Same with "gimmicks" being used...the Xmas tree lights tours were possibly the most amazing lightshow I've ever seen! The manner in which the band incorporated the Xmas lights and light wheels, etc, into their stage show and, the ebb and flow of their songs was brilliant. It was almost spiritual at various points of the set...along with the sonic gymnastics from Ronald and, Wayne's fragile hit you somewhere special

Gonna try to find that NYC set. I'll post a link here if I do


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Matt Schultz-Finkler

My dad would always play this song while taking me to preschool. I’m graduating high school this summer and I still remember this very well.


My absolute favorite Flaming Lips song from my favorite album of all time.


One of my all time favorites! 🙂


Low key the best Lips album. Also shoutouts to Michael Ivins for the beautiful bassline and looking like Michael O'Donahue's coke dealer.


First Time I took DMT I listened to this song. It was so beautiful.


Wonder what you felt

Doug Smith

Possibly Ronald Jones' crowning achievement...check out their LIVE performances of this tune from this lineup/era...Ronald's contributions to ALL the songs from "Transmissions/Clouds" are insanely brilliant and, integral to the compositions but, this one is deceptively crazy good

Jason Muhsmann

@kitoyobeni1 me too!


I miss Ronald...

Doug Smith

@Pnguinkillr30 When I spoke with Wayne at a Vancouver tour stop on the Clouds Taste Metallic tour...he told me that this song was pretty much 100% composed by Ronald.

He's also commented (around the time of the Minneapolis Clouds Anniversary performances) that this was one of the hardest songs to do justice to.

He also said that the band DID ask him if he would like to be a part of the reunion shows...he declined

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