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Seven or Eleven
The Hubbards Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Seven or Eleven' by these artists:

Hank Locklin A seven or eleven that would put me high But it…

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Hubbards:

Alison Let go Alison Something I said, take no offense I can't apol…
Born to Fly Guess what i'm leaving till tomorrow When's nothing else or …
Bread and Cigarettes I may be deaf dumb blind but I don't regret My…
Cold Cut Heaven knows I'm alone and I'm a fool for you I'm…
Free Be free and fine But give me time To take what's yours And…
Is It Me? Shut your eyes it kill my favourite lies Compromised, I wish…
Just Touch I can do what you want me to Just reach out…
Merv There's a mouse in the house I'm afraid of Wide awake…
Pin I'm over done You're undercome Kiss me I'm drunk I know you …
Simple Getaway I'm scared to fall Don't make me fly I'm like a? I'll be…

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Comments from YouTube:

Anie Homan

Why does this band not have way more of a following than it does? Y'all deserve to be as big as the 1975


You guys killed it! I loved everything about it, props to the production team and director as well!

becca marie

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat y’all are SO GOOD

Goth Elvis

They need more exposure for sure

Isabel MH



My gosh I love it

Scruff of the Neck

So good!

Maybe Usual

I cannot stop listening to this song!! Love it

letícia souza


Picture Us Inflicted

so underated you guys make me feel something never change who you are cuz music is a beautiful thing that is unique from every different person

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