Fall Of The Star High School Running Back
The Mountain Goats Lyrics

Sophomore year
You rushed for an average of eight and third yards per carry
All eyes were on you

Junior year
You blew your knee out at an out town game
Nowhere to go but down, down, down
Nothing but the ground left for you to fall to

By July
You'd made a whole bunch of brand new friends
People you used to look down on

And you'd figured out a way to make real money
Giving ends to your friends and it felt stupendous
Chrome spokes on your Japanese bike

But selling acid was a bad idea
And selling it to a cop was a worse one
And the new law said that seventeen year olds could do federal time
You were the first one

So I sing this song for you
William Stanaforth Donahue
Your grandfather rode the boat over from Ireland
But you made a bad decision or two


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Selling acid was a bad idea. Selling it to a cop was a worse one.


i remember working at chik-fil-a when I was 16 and my friend came in with this album on a tape and said "listen this will change your life" and it kind of did.

Henry Raby

Amazing lyrics. Quoting Biggie in a song like this is genius! John Darnielle well done..


Thank you John Darnielle for helping me survive high school.

Eric Siletzky

this is kind of hilarious because in the version of the song I have he says the title without the Star, and the goes on to correct himself.

Mary Wilson

GOD I love this song so much.


thank you so much for posting this, one of my favorites.


I am smiling so hard right now. What a great album.

Robin Ghosh

Official song of Joel Klatt on the Petros & Money show!

Connor Zerah

This what happened to Leveon Bell?😄😄

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