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The Viaduct
by The Pastels

We could drive there
Arrive there
Be alive there
But your truck's broke down
You're nowhere bound
Will never leave this town
But if it won't be you
It probably won't be me
We capered, burnt a
Candle to the taper
Tonight we'll swim
In the river
Kiss and shiver
Were we ever inspired
Just for a moment
Or is this our life?
Slackness in
The blackness
If that's the way we are
No tricks, no coins
No stars
We need to stray
And find a gateway
Feeling we're wrong
To still be
Hanging around
Our old hunting ground
We could go far
Thanking our stars
That the viaduct
Or we'd never have spoken
By now
Can't you see i'm
Trying to tell you
We've paid our dues

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Comments from YouTube:

Bruce Taylor

possibly my most favourite song ever, possibly, always gives me the melancholies


Theres a reason I own 2 copies of this on vinyl. Or, really, a dozen reasons lol

John Fiebke

20 years on and nothing's bested this for staring out 'the window when its raining outside.


Love this album... wish Rough Riders was up here.. wish I didn't lose this CD

Joseph Aranov

I just discovered this after loving the Kid Loco remix for almost 20 years & am in love all over again. I sense an OK Computer influence on the production. Gorgeous record.


I’ve been looking for this song for weeks.


we adore you!


ohlala, surprisingly nice! up til now i only knew the remix...

Eric Sandoval

Cutest band. Cutest song..along with "Leaving This Island"


very dreamy!

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