Freak Show
The Pietasters Lyrics

Kicking time on filthy streets no money left to spend Still sickened by the night before my brain is on the mend Way up ahead I see a crowd and flashing blue red light I run to see the carnage of some hooker who's been nice It's just a freak show

Never know what's goin' on just happy to exist Drunk faces on the subway cars who're riding in their piss Oh where's the space, a waste of time, a waste of energy I'm locked inside the circus with a thousand casualties It's just a freak show

Sitting disco pumped and fueled with whores in skin-tight clothes Some even have a hymen tucked inside their pantyhose I love the lights, I love the fights and poverty grotesque Come join me in my big time life and waste into this mess It's just a freak show...

As I stumble to the home I've carved out of this mess I think about the foolish ones who dream of happiness To tell the truth I'm a happy man, and happier I'll be When I awake to the freak show that is put in front of me It's just a freak show...

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