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Listen to This
The Red Krayola Lyrics

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Listen To This might by my favourite song ever


yeah just listened to an old usb stick music player of mine, and i heard that song on it, 1 second long. not a single other song of theirs was on it, and i had neer heard of this band prior to now. kinda weird...


It’s almost scary how “ahead of their time” this group was...

Machete Moonlight

Texas bore some fabulous weirdos in the 60s.. The 13th floor elevators, et al.


Leejol sounds like post-punk that showed up to the party 10 years early.

jon-eirik strøm

Kind of shocked-absolutely NOTHING here that sounds like the '60s... I would suggest this would be post punk around '79-80! Really ahead of it's time! Even the cover looks like '90s lo-fi.. and the music is just great! Just ordered it from discogs! (A re-isdue off course. I dont pay € 120...)

this is the greatest album of the 60s totally inexplicable, even for that far out decade; no wonder the fall did work with mayo Thompson, totally saturated in weirdness-save the house is solid gold hit damn if it we'rent so HEAVY


Most of this stuff could have fit on No New York pretty easily.


But it is certain that this influence in the movement no wave and post-punk. Apart in "no new york" I hear enough of free jazz and milimalistic music


I like Save The House especially.

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