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Hurricane Fighter Plane
The Red Krayola Lyrics

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Alien Sex Fiend Well I have in my pocket A hurricane fighter plane And it…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Aaron Ruimy

Em (or Cmaj7, if you interpret the "C"ish feedback noises as part of the chord)

G Eb A A
Gb Gb C C
Eb Eb Cmaj7 (root note fades out, taking us back to Em)

Em D/E Em D/E etc.
Ab C
Eb Cmaj7

Em D/E C/E Eb/E?

Not going to make a guitar tab because the strumming pattern is pretty much free-for-all, but the main bass riff is just "0-1-2" on the D string.

All comments from YouTube:


This song is hypnotic


This 72 years young Guy has this album It still rocks and the end is denoted by a breaking of a twig

L games

Fantastic! I still can't believe that anybody could have been imagiing this kind of hypnotising music more than 50 years ago.


One of my all time favourite songs!

Chad Weston




Patrick Hughes

To the Brazil Chinatown writers choice organ box.

Patrick Hughes

(The British influence is stronger than ever on the charts) “won an award but it’s about what I’ve got to show for it”

Patrick Hughes

One red light flashing I love you bunker busters maybe. Or just fly bye to drag the scabs and red stays away from their devestation of freedom of choice

Patrick Hughes

On and onnnnmmm. Break. Do they owe us a living? Of course they fucking do

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