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Hurricane Fighter Plane
by The Red Krayola

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Alien Sex Fiend Well I have in my pocket A hurricane fighter plane And it…

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Comments from YouTube:

Little Kush

This song is hypnotic

Andrea Arcari

If you read the lyrics of this song I think "Hurricane fighter plane" is LSD.

Jim Tem

THEY Were garage rock kids like everybody else but chewing on acid this is so fucking cool

Chad Odinson




Jacob Louis

Anyone know the chords/tab to this? Thanks

Kryztuffer Von Arx

Yeah, but it's in the key of H

Andrea Arcari

Notes are The L the S and the D note

Aaron Ruimy

Em (or Cmaj7, if you interpret the "C"ish feedback noises as part of the chord)

G Eb A A
Gb Gb C C
Eb Eb Cmaj7 (root note fades out, taking us back to Em)

Em D/E Em D/E etc.
Ab C
Eb Cmaj7

Em D/E C/E Eb/E?

Not going to make a guitar tab because the strumming pattern is pretty much free-for-all, but the main bass riff is just "0-1-2" on the D string.

Patrick Hughes

To the Brazil Chinatown writers choice organ box.

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