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Paper Hats
This Heat Lyrics

well, what do we expect
paper hats?
or maybe even roses?
the sound of explosions?
oh no, is this any easier?
comfy? climax? ego?
decorations up or down?
the sound of explosions
what does this tune signify?
what is its meaning?
is it really that straight forward?
or are our ears beyond words?

Contributed by Brayden S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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The percussion work is bad-ass! A very unique musical composition. Mind-blowing! Some tracks on the album remind me of the band Korn, i.e. the emotional screaming and erratic staff, clefs, rhythm, notes, and rests, meter and time signature, et al. My Dad may have told me about this band and played it to me as a child...he and his friend we're into this odd sounding music. However, I don't remember and was to young at the time. The lyrics and music remind of the philosophers :
Music is what life sounds like ~ Eric Olsen
When words leave off, music begins ~ Heinrich Heine
Music expresses that which cannot be said ~ Victor Hugo
Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music ~ Sergei Rachmaninov
Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul ~ Plato
Music is an outburst of the soul ~ Frederic Delius
Music is the universal language of mankind ~ Longfellow

It is a trip how many expressions/views can be displayed in a picture and through music. This band is one of the giants.
Even though it is not metal, metal bleeds through the emotional vocals and technicality of expression through musical composition.

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it's funny, bands people consider innovative these days barely approach what this heat were doing 30 years ago

Venice Lockjaw

@Mister Scallop to me swish swash by crack cloud always sounded like a rendition of paper hats.

Venice Lockjaw

You can really hear their influence in this band.

fandango cirrhosis

@Mister Scallop this is crazy, but i looked up if anyone's ever talked about this before, but I instead found an interview where they actually talked about This Heat!

Regarding their song Antidote: "That song was just bass and drums until the day before it got mixed. We were trying to rip off Health and Efficiency [by This Heat], but then we just never did really."

Badhuman Records

40 years ago!


@Mister Scallop fucking hell you're right as well

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This song should be in karaoke bars.

ciao wutang

i work in a gentrified neighbourhood in Rome, Italy and a bar there was blasting SPQR once lol

Sasse Daniel

I would love to shriek out: Iiiiiiiit issss the sound of explosions!

Lucas Ferreira

this is by far the weirdest guitar riff i've ever heard. congratulations, this heat.

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