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Screen Shot
by Swans

Love, child, reach, rise, sight, blind, steal, light
Mind, scar, clear, fire, clean, right, pure, kind
Sun, come, sky, tar, mouth, sand, teeth, tongue
Cut, push, reach, inside, feed, breathe, touch, come

No pain, no death, no fear, no hate, no time, no now, no suffering
No touch, no loss, no hand, no sense, no wound, no waste, no lust, no fear
No mind, no greed, no suffering, no thought, no hurt, no hands to reach
No knife, no words, no lie, no cure, no need, no hate, no will, no speech

No dream, no sleep, no suffering

No pain, no now, no time, no here
No knife, no mind, no hand, no fear

Love! Now!
Breathe! Now!
Here! Now!
Here! Now!
Here! Now!


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Comments from YouTube:


the bassline in this song is the same as 'Nookie' by Limp Bizkit and when i said this in public 7 people beat me up and put me in a van i am typing this in a hurry apologies for typos they can hear me typing thi


You were protesting in Portland?

Joy Ann

my thought too

Catedrátrico de Barsa

Swans bizkit style
John Otto

Mile granić

@unknown error Nin

Daniel D

@Jayo Caine don't be a fun-sucker lol

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Aaron Nielsen

That bassline is so menacing


meh nothing special

Warren j Pelnar jr

The album covers more menacing


@8man maybe because jojo has a bunch of 70s progressive rock music in it? and this is prog inspired. just a thought

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