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by Have a Nice Life

I feel the top of the roof come off, kill everybody there as I'm watching all the stars burn out, trying to pretend that I care.

But I didn't, no-one ever does, and I would, no-one ever will

Can't you see it's all flown out of my hands and our clothes are all too often ripped and our teeth are all too often gnashed and it lasts as long as it possibly can but I just don't accept this.

I just don't accept this at all.

Faces sweaty, arms and legs, what a glorious set of stairs we make.

We kill everyone with arrowheads, arrowheads, arrowheads. Thank god that's over.

Contributed by Abigail V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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andre salmon

Never thought I'd see the day when this song would hit a million views...


@Fug fuck tik tok


can't wait to hear this song on tiktok!


Hey bro, she didn't deserve you anyway.

Liam Clarke-McLeod

her name was Halina

My Chemical Republican

My heart just broke. Thank you

No mercy

Delete this



help i'm stuck in whatever google service this is

thanks, but i'm just here for the song

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Ryan Leatigaga

That bass is thicker than oatmeal made out of cement

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