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Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping
Grouper Lyrics

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hell i/o

this feeling doesn't go away
i feel it moving through me
i want a love i had inside
want to feel it moving through me

in dreams
i'm moving through heavy water
the love is enormous,
it's lifting me up
i'd rather be sleeping
i'd rather fall in to tidal waves
and go where the deepest currents go

i opened a mirror up
and saw a true love
i let it separate in two
the water rising up over my head

in dreams
i'm moving through heavy water
the love is enormous,
it's lifting me up
i'd rather be sleeping
i'd rather fall in to tidal waves
right where the deepest currents fall

Matt Cotsell

@BisCuit i figured the first verse and chorus was something like

ooooh this feeling doesn’t ebb away
i feel it moving through me,
and i wanna love i felt inside
a love that could unnerve/unearth? me

Love dreams,
i’m moving through heavy water
love is enormous, it’s lifting me up,
id rather be sleeping
id rather fall in your tidal waves
right where the deepest currents fall…

this verse i’m not sure about at all
all i can here is…

ooooh I opened a mirror up
and saw a true love
I thought it caught a ready sore moon
water rising up on our mourning

earth dreams…

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lu penzo

Listening this song in a hotel room 6am

Monk Killedababy


It’s 2 minutes to mid day, I’m in my tiny appartment talking to a pretty girl.


Like the song: Ex:Re ~ The Dazzler


listening to this in my house, at 2:37am while eating cheese puffs

Dylan Jordan

listening to this somewhere at something o’clock

listening this in my bathroom at 5am

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making out with a girl youve only known for a week on an august night at summer camp on a black and blue moonlit canoe dock off of a pond as fireflies light up the surrounding brush and the laughs and cries of other kids playing in the night in the distance echo through the trees and its a memory youve never had but long for and torture yourself over your lack of romantic experiences and wasted youth kind of vibe

lucki xcx

I’ve fallen asleep to this song so many times I’ve lost count it’s no joke

Blind Shutter

Me too 🖤🖤🖤

Jesse Dolivo

i was listening to this last night at 4 am and i didnt even know i fell asleep to this until i woke up. beautiful song

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