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Starting Over
by LSD and the Search for God

When I was a young girl,
When I was younger,
I met a boy like you,
We fought like enemy,
When I don't move my face,
When I thought I'd make it pain free,

That's when I nothing in your madness,
You thought I was crazy,
In seven different ways,
No I'm never crazy for you,
You're the monster in my life,
Hurry up I'm leaving,
With one foot in the grave,
One foot in the grave what were you thinkin

Be careful what you wish for,
Cause it might come true,
These wise words you once said,
It only takes a moment,
To fall in love again

Contributed by Josiah V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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This album makes me think of when you're tripping really hard but it's night and you're really tired so you just lay there and exist


This is literally the exact context that I discovered this band and first listened to this album through with. Coming down from a really intense rollercoaster of a trip off two 105ug Voidrealms. I tried playing some games on steam to keep myself from getting lost too far inside my head but all I could really do was play on autopilot sitting expressionlessly in my chair as tears just kind of rolled down my face. It's such a beautifully melancholic feel that you can't really accurately describe to someone who hasn't experienced it.

Mickey Knox

Nice pfp too, you've got good taste my man

Larethio '97

Its a great pairing with being baked too especially off wax.

Teresa Dunn

doin that exact thing right now, damn, feels amazing

Randy Herrera

neighb0r ive been there on shrooms in my room in L.A.

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"shoegaze" Also see: My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, Lush, Low, Ride, Vestals, Slowdive

Nicola Acoust

It's almost impossible to get here without being there first...


Jesus and Mary Chain are definitely not shoegaze. Lol

T. N.

@VAC88 I have to agree, I used to love Slowdive as a teenager but now they just make me wanna listen to MBV or Cocteau Twins. It's weird how tastes change over time.

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