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by Michael Gira

Now some of us are weak, and some endure
Some people live their lives with a violence that's pure and clean
But I saw man cry once, down on his knees
In a corner of a darkened cell, and his pain meant nothing to me
But I was younger then
Young men never die
And I walked out in the sun
I was strong, clear-minded and blind
Now don't say a prayer for anyone
It doesn't do any good
Please don't ask me a question
It'd just be misunderstood
And if you could step inside me you'd feel what hatred brings
And if you saw with my eyes you'd see what self-deception means
I was younger once and I created a lie
And though my body was strong
I was self-deluded, confident and blind
Now show some pity for the weak of will
Because when we're drinking we can never be filled
Show some understanding for the lonely fool
Because when I am drinking I am out of control
I was never young
Nothing has transpired
And when I look in the mirror I feel dead, I feel cold
I am blind
I am blind
I am blind
I am blind

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