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I Love You in Your Tragic Beauty
by The Legendary Pink Dots

I watched you in your tragic beauty walk beneath my window.
Eyes aimed high, but unfocused . . . . sure, you never noticed me.
You always wore the same dress; always bore the same
expression: "It's a loveless world so what's the point of looking?
Let it be . . ." I considered throwing roses--thought I'd maybe
wave a flag. Had to try and force some small connection--
but, there's a snag. It's my confession that I watch you in
my tragic isolation. In my fear . . . that's the way it's been
for years. That's the way it will always be . . .

Contributed by Parker P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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I'm 372 years old and I'm listening to this song because I have ears.

Reb Short

Enjoy your youth! It doesn't last.

pixie druid

When I saw the Pink Dots in Cambridge a couple years ago, my favorite moment of the show was in between songs, someone in the audience called out a request, "Tragic Beauty!"

Edward leaned over the microphone slowly, and in his low, ghoulish whisper of a voice he responded, "No."

Artyom Kolesov

stupid fucker) anyway i love him

Corona Zenith


TV Title Champion

Yup. He did that a bunch here, too. "Lisa's Party!" "Nope." "Princess Coldheart!" "Nope." Until somebody hit upon City of Needles, and he kind of perked up a bit, and said "okay", and launched into a raucous, cacophonous version of that song. The end of that fucker was pretty close to what a nitrous oxide rush sounds like.


"It's my confession that I watched you in my tragic isolation"

Beautiful song; beautiful voice; beautiful lyrics.

Ben Mehner

No disrespect to the Floyd, but this album is Dark Side of the Moon for those in the know...

Marcelo Albuquerque

Thanks for introduce me, Amanda Palmer


Same here, haha. :)

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