The Grain Kings
The Legendary Pink Dots Lyrics

We will sow the seeds together. We shall feed the fertile ground. We will
wait then we shall gather fruits to feed our hungry mouths. We'll feast,
we'll toast the one who sends the storm, who shapes the corn. We line the
circles. In the Fall, we fall...... Come the dawn he'll stretch his hands
and take the last born to the land beyond our tidy tidy lawns, and no, no
lamb of ours will be deformed!

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Comments from YouTube:


Awesome video


RIP Bob Pistoor. What a great solo!

PurinaMills Kills

can listen to again, again, again, and again...and never grow tired of it.

James Kirwin

Ahead of their time. True visionaries.


Great video for a great group. 


what an epic song!!! mastermind!!!


1ere écoute il y a plus de 25 ans, toujours le même effet surpuissant. La musique des Pink Dots survivra tous les ages. Amour éternel <3



jerome Cerrada

Easy listening period and favourite songs !!!

Jokarion Pa

ty Lpd i love ya ! taken by the light hunger in that night give more pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee !

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