The Legendary Pink Dots Lyrics

If God was egg, if six were nine... If time was never measured, only
killed in pleasure gardens of our making. If we'd never taken anything,
but only given... If we could forgive, forget and rearrange the patterns.
If you'd never thrown a stone or split the atom - ate the apple... if...
If I'd stayed alone in shackles feeling nothing, seeing nothing in my
head... If we'd shared instead of just collecting. If we'd never lived...
If... If we'd ever... If we never never, never land but fly without a
destination, cry without a cause, and lose ourselves for just a second at
the beauty of it all... Then maybe in the next life we'd be dolphins.

Contributed by Alice S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Pure Perfection .


Thank you! πŸ˜„ LPD ❀️

Alejandro Contreras

Pink dots has great music

Tonelocmanson's Gamer'sParadise

I really do love your channel. You have the best background images with lyrics. It's awesome. Thank you so much! I've seen the Pink Dots three times and met them every time. I was at Perfect Mystery Tour in SF to say goodbye. Whoever you are, we are ken Yo!. Thank you so much. I will share you with my network all the time! Facebook friend me if you want to.


I appreciate it, I have subscribed. Seen LPD only once during the Shadow Weaver tour so I guess around β€˜92 but it was an unforgettable show, they are one of a kind & definitely one of my favorite bands. I don’t do any kind of social media but I am glad to know you & thank you for watching.

Tonelocmanson's Gamer'sParadise

i heart emoji!

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