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In Search of My Rose
The Tear Garden Lyrics

I found you crying outside on the wall of Devil's Well...
A hangman's knot around your feet and praying for the spell
to be shattered. May I be the one to rip the shackles clean away
and lead you to a place where loneliness is tackled with a kiss?
A kiss that has no ropes, no strings... no obligations.
I don't owe you; be quite sure you don't owe me.

Contributed by Austin W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Czar 242

The most perfect album ever recorded. Dont think so? I will fight you.

prying eyes

Awfully violent for a Tear Garden fan.

Nikko Mercialo

I haven't heard this I so long. Beautiful track.

Kayce Quinlan

No ropes
No strings
No obligations
I don't owe you
You don't owe me

Community Couriers

No stwings
no wopes
no obwigations...

retro gta

Actually you do owe me! £500 come on, cough up

Nicole Muzquiz

A dance floor favorite. Brings back memories. ❤

Spooky Sims

Love this so much, and also “The Last Man to Fly”. Both albums are masterpieces. They both deserve more recognition, but at least some people know of them (aka the people with good music taste!) :D

Paul Raal

one of the most amazing love songs ever

Ricohardt Von Pyres

Finally! I have been searching for this song since I heard it years ago.

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