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March no.12
The Red Krayola Lyrics

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March No.12 0:00
On The Brink 1:58
Letter-Bomb 4:50
Conspirators' Oath 6:50
March No.14 9:31
Soldier-Talk 10:50
Discipline 17:50
X 21:13
An Opposition Spokesman 24:23
Uh, Knowledge Dance 29:25
Wonderland 32:19

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CIVILIZATION IS BURNING DOWN BURNING DOOWNNNN. Been blasting this throughout this pandemic and economic crisis I got a first pressing for $15!!!!

Resdayne Dessalines

This album sounds like it existed in the universe of Ed Edd & Eddy but was somehow transported here.

Mark Harris

It was a perfect companion for my Pere Ubu albums

sammy warren

members of Pere Ubu

Eric Hawksley

One of my favorite records of all time.  First heard it in my post-punk angry youth, and wore it out listening to it.  Way way way ahead of it's time or anyone else's for that matter.  Perfect combination of complete chaos, jagged rock, and pop sensibility (these songs are amazingly catchy).  Unfortunately makes all other Red Krayola albums sound somewhat boring.  The first song does almost dare you to keep listening, but if you do, you get truly amazing pop-rock-electroshock-facepunches like "On The Brink" and perhaps the best song ever recorded, "Conspirators Oath". 


apart from the cliché "ahead of it's time", I agree.

Jane Eigenhuis

Saw them as a duo in December 1979 at the Paradiso Amsterdam as a 'support act' for Pere Ubu. Very impressive! 
Now  28th jan 2015 listening to this album the day I will see Pere Ubu again at the same venue after more than 35 years. Time flies while the music stays fresh.


Their early work still hasn't clicked with me but this is a MASTERPIECE!!! March No 14 is amazing!!!

Nick Morfitt

Ha this album is pretty cool,nothing's ever gonna beat Parable but this has an energy of it's own.Hear post-punk,zappa,wyatt and even a little bit of Mr Bungle in this.Nice post

Damon Berry

predated mr bungle by a fair margin. A lot of this album sounds like it could be a pere ubu album, which makes sense, since it's got pretty much the whole band on it, and Mayo later joined them. It's basically a Mayo Thompson led Pere Ubu record.

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