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The Tear Garden Lyrics

I sit and watch your silhouette,
I wonder what you're doing
Who you're with
If you're thinking of me now
Was I just a passing phase?
Did we ever really share?
Did we just soliloquise -
Was I ever really there?
If I leave this sheltered space
Will anything be there?
Disinfected, disconnected
Waiting in my cage for you to call
Am I living in a cage
With all the comforts I created
When I want you here
All you do is close the blinds
And leave me crying to a shadow
Locked behind a glass
That shuts me out
That cuts me down
Memories are fading
Surely something slowly burns
Don't you yearn for just a replay for a day?

Contributed by Mason B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Active Britch Faece

I remember that image from Litany back in the day, that would rotate either direction based on perception


Ha! I LOVE the Time Lord symbol - nice!

Lucero Monze

My favorite song from Tear Garden! Thanks!!


Une Oeuvre superbe, elle devrait durer encore 5 min de plus!


I own most of the TG albums, and this song breaks me in half... i

Portal Complex

Absolutely brilliant Edward

Nabu Kharidotes


Markie de Sade

They are killing it on the tambourine!!!

Troy Nachtigall

Ahhh Cornavirus......

Spooky Sims

Y e p y e p, same here. Came back to my fav tracks to get away from it as much as I can lol

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