White Coats and Haloes
The Tear Garden Lyrics

Watch your step!
They're all out spying
Catch your breath
They crawl like lions
I'm flying!
I'm flying!
I'm diving
No artificial colouring
No fleas
No flesh
No trash
No cans of cancer
Tropical disease
I'm clean
Take a bite
I'm tasting amber
Strike a light
I leave December

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Comments from YouTube:

Saul Dagenham

@shanedevins you are a loonie.

neo 184568382

Kaspel greatest poet of our time. Hands down.

Ben Mehner

This is Wish You Were Here for people that know the best music


cKevin Key!


and Edward Ka-Spel

Marlon Morais

makes two of us... sounds like a very very cheap knockoff of Swans, really.

D Gray

dont like it

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