Tear Garden
The Tear Garden Lyrics

Our lady on the balcony in black and red
The band plays stronger
Spinning back we tread on broken glass
Our heels dig harder
I circle round inside your belt
I felt your heart race faster
Our eyes met with the eyes fixed in the sky
All seeing, knowing, probing, to the bottom of our souls
On tear garden
On tear garden
You moaned
We shivered
We cowered in the corner
We watch the arms go flying rigid
Heard them call his name again
Pressed our hands to our ears
We waited for the rain
Waiting for the gentle rain to fall on tear garden
Waiting for the gentle rain to fall on tear garden
Tear garden

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Comments from YouTube:

Dr. Abuze

Been a fan since 1989. A cassette mixtape required in Denmark came home with me and was played late at night.

Jennifer Sites

I have every bullet I was ever shot with.

Ricardo Avilés

Qué crema

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