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Pleading with Athos of the Rock
In the ancient language which he spoke
But I didn't even give a damn
Cause all I wanted to do was just sit back and talk
Talk about the restless winds that were blowing in my mind
That twisted all we grow as too thin
And feelings I had which I couldn't describe
And the places I'd come within
And in the chrome light I stood up and I just began
I'd sell my pride on a whim, let it blow
The righteous light that was guiding me still
And the man with the holy soul
Impatience took a dim view of my words
And let me down again
I'm so dusty, laden with all that world-weary stars and reverends

I've got your Mother Mary, God
Life is empty
I wanna find some peace today
I said, Mother Mary, oh
Life's so empty
I need some peace today, oh oh today

Oh those twisted corridors of power
In the ivory walls of hate
Where the eagle flies so proudly
And I just can't, just can't wait
In the victim's mind, he's ready
He is ready to exploit the weakness
Of the century's greed and feebleness
And the lies they whisper
To his brothers and sisters

Please Jesus, oh I love you
Won't you come and stay
Mother Mary, I know life is empty
I wanna find some peace today

Hannah hung around for the the rapture
On the roam for forty years
Of course no-one came, and you know I still live in fear
Always waiting for the prince of seventy-two
I was waiting for the world to fall apart, how about you?

If Husain could have waited
Nava'I could have seen the stars in the sky
Cause I've been waiting for you for fifty odd years
I've been waiting for you through these hopes and these tears
I was waiting for you, I'm a-waiting for you
There's thunder, in the sky

Why why why, did I let you down?
Can I carry that cross for you?
Can I carry that cross for you?
Is there anything that I need to know?
Did you let me down?
Did you let me down?
Why why why, did you let me down?

Did you think I wouldn't know
Why why why, did you let me down?

I wanna sit right here, I'm gonna write you a letter
I wanna sail, I wanna sail over the ocean
I wanna talk to Best and Muhammad Ali
I don't just use my fists, yeah I use my feet
They got spirit, I got spirit
Oh mama mama mama it's like yellow earth
What was it like for you when you was giving birth
You got it in for you, I got it in for me
I said, why you always jump in places like Stevie McQueen?
I got spirit, come feel it
I got spirit, you can feel it
He got spirit, we gotta feel it
You got spirit, scream if you feel it

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Nick McCabe, Peter Anthony Salisbury, Richard Paul Ashcroft, Simon Robin David Jones

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Moises Torres

awesome bass playing, go Simon Jones!


this song is amazing, the best of the album and the greatest song ever made by the verve!


Awesome song. I'm glad that The Verve left us with Forth.

Colby Nash

@Kasen Ronin No problem =)

Kasen Ronin

@Colby Nash thanks, signed up and it seems to work :) I really appreciate it!

Keith Landyn

@Colby Nash Yea, been using Flixzone for years myself :)

Colby Nash

@Kasen Ronin try FlixZone. You can find it by googling :)

Kasen Ronin

I guess it's quite off topic but does anybody know a good place to watch newly released series online ?

Pedro Angelo

This noise is epic.


Everytime I hear this song (which is a lot) I hear something new. Simon is fucking killing it on this one. So is McCabe, for that matter. And Salisbury is rocking out. And Ashcroft at the very end--through headphones--*facemelt*

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