Straight No Chaser
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Snow the Jam Man

Interesting how Monk stops playing midway through Charlie's solo, he probably got up to stretch his legs and was like "they got this"


What was so great is how Monk gradually strips down his solo until it becomes just one note,like someone slowly disappearing....

Anan Siackhasone

@saucy risi bruhhhhh that’s hilarious


@The Lemony Bard Hahaha dancing around the piano hahaha

Randy Plotner

That's badass.

saucy risi

@The Lemony Bard that's true, read another comment on some other video about how he arrived 1 hour late to a concert, played for a bit, started dancing, and never said a word throughout the whole gig.

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Jay Francis

Only Monk could play a ten finger chord and no matter huw you looked at it, everything was discordant, yet it all worked. I once knew a woman who was a good friend of Monk's wife. In stead of thelonius Monk she called him melodius thunk. I never get enough of his work.

Mekagoen Mimadri

This music carries me back to the XX Century.
I get stupid. I laugh while crying, longing for a time, that was definitely greater than today. Oh! How some of us have the luxury to miss, long for, the glorious second half of the XX Century...
Newer arrivals will never know the taste of an abundantly diverse, seafood platter, served as hors d'oeuvres, that fed every one at the table, before the main course arrived...! And this music filling the air.. the rattle of the kitchen, in some seedy but appealing, New Orleans jazz joint...!

Newer alpha generations will never be able to miss or long for, what they hardly knew existed, at all...
All The Best..!


Thelonious Monk – piano
Charlie Rouse – tenor sax
Larry Gales – bass
Ben Riley – drums

Beautiful production from Columbia Records from back in a day when you had an economy willing to spend $$$ on great art and a public willing to buy. Look at that cover!


Thank you- I was just off to look up the personnel. That Ben Riley had some wrists!!!

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