Wish You Well
Thousand Foot Krutch Lyrics

Sometimes love feels like pain,
And sometimes I wonder if it's all the same,
Sometimes life, feels just like rain,
'cause you never know when it's gonna fall down on you

I wish you well, I wish you well,
On this trip to find yourself,
I wish you well, wish I could help,
But I can't help you find yourself

Sometimes faith, feels like doubt
And sometimes I wonder if we'll even get out
Sometimes life hurts just like now,
But ya gotta know, it's all gonna come back around


Find yourself,
I can't help you find yourself,
Find yourself..

And we were sixteen at the time,
Nothing could ever change our minds,
We were one step below invincible,
And we always fought it, you've never been the same,
You were so scared to make a name,
Then you threw it all away,
And I wish you'd come back now.

[Chorus: x 2]


Find yourself,
I can't help you find yourself,
Find yourself,
I can't help you find yourself...

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Written by: MARY KARLZEN

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Comments from YouTube:

Izayah Nonnenmacher

This song makes me think of graduating high school. I was with a group of soccer guys until after my sophomore year Jesus came into my life. My Junior and Senior Year, most of the guys who I thought were my friends didn't really like me after that summer. I was kicked from the lunch table for a stupid irrelevant reason, I sat alone intentionally most of my Senior Year until my youth pastor at youth group talked about several kids from other schools commiting suicide and eventually asked if any of us sit alone at lunch. I proudly raised my hand thinking: Yeah, that's right! I sit alone to keep away from those who try to drag me down! Unfortunately that's not what everyone else saw, my pastor looked terrified (he knows my testimony about how I almost ended my own life. Another story for another time) I found a good Christian group to sit with. I almost completely forgot about my soccer team. I had a dark summer ahead of me in the summer of 2019. My team had their lives planned but they didn't know their identity while I knew who I was yet had no plan. When we graduated, I tried saying goodbye but most of them were dismissive. This song would be my message to them. Wish I could help, but I can't help them find themselves...

RC Reviews

There have been many people in life who have stabbed me in the back. Most importantly my girlfriend. And it hurt far beyond anything I’ve ever been hurt by. While I was so committed to this girl, I realize that I was used, and she totally faked it the whole time. This song helps me feel far better and helped me get over her. Thank you so much TFK

VRock Da Skull

I love this song I can relate to this so much about my family and my girlfriends I had in the past but now I have stepped up got the girl I've been looking for and I'm happy now I hope I can get over everything else I had to go through to change myself and my life and get with the one I am grateful for having who really made a difference of me in everything in my life but this time I'm going to do the right thing and won't try slipping up no matter what I love you my family and friends and my girlfriend my number one

Acledent G



This song really helps me move on from my ex. Thanks TFK for writing this masterpiece.

Pranjal Shukla

Good for you

RC Reviews

ChezthePanda The same thing happened to me just a few days ago. You’re not alone pal

Catt the Carrot

honestly im kinda impressed that tfk can make songs like rawkfist, we are and down, and also make something like this.

Ariyas The Hufflepuff

May as well add my own story here... This song always tied in with my senior year, what with saying goodbye to so many people you've learned with for the past four years. I never looked forward to things ending, but I did my best to live one day at a time, enjoying the remaining classes with my classmates. We are the class of 2020. Part of our senior year was taken from us, and now many of us aren't sure we'll even have a graduation. This isn't just my story, so many students all around the world are living through this. So to the class of 2020, wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you expected your last months before graduation to be... "I wish you well, I wish you well, on this trip to find yourself. I wish you well, wish I could help, but I can't help you find yourself."
Thank you Thousand Foot Krutch, every song you make is amazing and your music has helped me with so much. Keep rocking.



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