Holding On
VNV Nation Lyrics

I thought the future held
A perfect place for us
That together we would learn to be
the best that we could be
In my naivety I ran
I fell and lost my way
Somehow I always end up falling over me

And one day
I woke to find
The future had no place
For me
I was unwanted in a world
That with my hands I helped build
Where once was honesty and pride
I now stand broken and alone
Just a shadow
Of what I was meant to be

They say that "Time will heal"
"The truth shall set us free"
Well that depends
On what it is
That you choose to believe
In this prison made of lies
We see what it is we want to see
And find comfort in this
Broken hall of dreams

Does anybody feel
The way I do?
Is there anybody out there?
Are you hearing me?

I believe in you
Will you believe in me?
Or am I alone
In this hall of dreams?

I believe in you
You believe in me
But I have no trust
In anything
Somehow I'm always
Always falling over me

Somehow I'm always
I'm always falling over me

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My Gf and I have been together for 4yrs now.She was listening to this song when she finally told me she's unable to bear anymore children:'(...While hearing this play.I told her "She's not alone and I'll always be Holding On" No Matter What.Now this song has more meaning when I hear it:'( :')


Listen to Carbon and you'll feel better about not having kids!!

Stephan Claes

Anybody who has been down that black and hopeless pit called depression knows this feeling.

Jeff Javens

All too well.

johnny bravo

ive been in many bad places, on a flight into Iraq,...when shit was going bad,.....didnt know if we were going to make it,...flying in a sandstorm,....my 3 buddies, i plugged them all into my ipod, for this song,...so if we died,...it'd be to a good song. VNV love your music!

Keyo Haze

This song, it's lyrics, feel like it came straight from the deepest, darkest parts of me. It hurts so much to listen to this song, but it's so true, so beautiful! Why does it often seem, that pain and despair, often create the most beautiful things?

Nell Tomme

One of VNV Nations best songs


This song has personally touched me. As a graphic Artist, I struggled to get on top of my competition, and I almost did...That was until some few people I loved, got into their own respective accidents, and I slowly began to stop working on my art, stop working on everything. Now, its November, and I have a lot that need to get done...In the twilight of everything, this song came up on the radio...And somehow, felt re-energized, revitalized; alive, again. God, I love VNV Nation. Thank you.

Billy Riley

This song always always gets me. Since 2005..... Still makes me think of a love I lost a long time ago...

Deus Vult

I'm right there with you on that one....sigh

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