Hump'em n' Dump'em
Wheatus Lyrics

Cough up the rent Mr. Kent;
And don't try to blame it on the government;
Your wife is a clown she's in town,
she gets with some other guy;
Are you gonna finish your fat?
'Cause I'd like to give it to my kitty cat;
The big fat look is coming back.
You skinny people are screwed.
And I know you're right;
Yeah I know it's time.

Here we go again another humpem dumpem situation; Here we go again another humpem dumpem situation; Here we go again, here we go again, Now I know what you're like and I don't think I like it.

The newspaper says to get bent; Man I'd like to say that to the President; He got the L. in the House, I guess he already did; She looks like she finished here fat; she then turned around and ate my kitty cat; she coughed up a hair ball or two and laughed her way to the bank; And I know it's right; Yeah, I know it's time.


Here we go again.


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Comments from YouTube:

Stephen Keogh

You got the name wrong Its just: Hump'em n Dump'em



Tatenda Tambo

I was about to comment this, take my like instead (I feel there's a few 'y's missing, but close enough).


See Thesios? I told ya I only listen to PRO MUSIC! HAH, CAPSUNLOCK PL0X! NARB!


@k1ngross Meh, just simply being stubborn, I don't like the idea of pirating, even if it isn't intended. One day, I'll have money, and when that day comes, the things I love will benefit, even if it isn't much.

Tatjanah Coussé

love this songs and all the others :p


I wish i could sing like that <3

Chris Hinton

Wheatus is my all time favorite band. Started listening to them when I was about 16 and now it brings back memories which only makes it better


Chris Hinton I love how different they are from the mainstream artists.

alex ball

Dammit man his voice is addictive.

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