Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lyrics

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Arpit Khandelwal

Hey Mozart. Dude, when are you dropping your next album?


it's hurt lol..

Kurnia Akbar

maybe after Covid gone.

Gurman Singh

he is dead

Pronam Biswas

Never forget the classics

Nury Lopez


Tulasi Mukunda

When I listen to this with my eyes closed, I pretend to be in a masquerade ball dancing with lots of people and doing that switching thing when at certain points in the song you change partners and I feel so royal OMG

Riftman Hun

It is just reminded me of my childhood idk how but i love it

Nicolas Alejandro Cano

Mozart, the real meaning of Genius !

Ruthvick Raj

Finally !!!!jsjjskskwkwjwjs i found this 😭😭😭

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