Ave Verum
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lyrics

Ave ave verum corpus natum de Maria Virgine
Vere passum, immolatum in cruce pro homine

Cuius latus perforatum unda fluxit et sangüine
Esto nobis praegustatum mortis in examine


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Comments from YouTube:

Maulena Spencer

So gorgeous. Those little kids don't even sound like little kids. It must be such a huge privilege to sing in this choir.

Jennifer Jones

Actually, it is! They have a lengthy audition process about 2nd grade-ish., Then once you become a chorister at about 8, some of your everyday school classes are directly having to do with choir. In addition to extra rehearsal times on other parts of the week, and often during school holidays. The selection process for being a chorister at Westminster is slightly worse - you are after all singing in the Monarch's official church - but the process is no less demanding.

Ryan Jackson

@ds1868 id do that shi for free any day, I envy them so much I be listening weekly


Since 1954 I´m a fan of the Vienna Boys Choir. That opus by Mozart was my first favorite song...:)

Geoplanet Jane

This music is by definition spiritual.


It is a privilege but it is their job. They enjoy the best private boarding education at the King's School which is in the College grounds, and in return they sing in the Chapel choir. It's been like this since the choir was first formed in the year 1449.

Pamela Wright

One of my favourite pieces of music, sung by the very best. Just sublime.


Agreed, this piece of music is always in my head, especially during dark rainy days.

Jame Gumb

It’s one of my favorites, so beautiful, brings me to tears every time I hear it

Liam Cuff

As a Catholic , I’d like to thank the Anglican Church for keeping the traditions of our ancestors alive. Sadly the church is becoming aesthetically modern , and killing its spiritual aura

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