Ave Verum
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lyrics

Ave ave verum corpus natum de Maria Virgine
Vere passum, immolatum in cruce pro homine

Cuius latus perforatum unda fluxit et sangüine
Esto nobis praegustatum mortis in examine


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Comments from YouTube:

Captain Obvious

Normal people: Such a great song, Mozart knows how to make music.

Me: WarThunder!!!?

Arnek Osem

lik beethovens symphony No. 7 op.92

The Colorator

Me: Outlast 2..

The Dolbea


Aeddin Lewis

Ah yes the golden age of war thunder. How I miss logging in and hearing this and just sitting in the hangar listening to all the beautiful music they had. Wish they would bring it back

U.S.S Torsk

War thunder died when they took this out :(


@Matias Dogliotti where is the sauce, we need it

Michael USS Wisconsin

I miss the old music
Also nice picture, I’ve been to that sub in Baltimore

Robert Green

Why did they?

Oscar Arriaga

@Matias Dogliotti hand over the sauce

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